Donald Trump: “Why Would an Evangelical or a Catholic or Anybody of Faith Vote for Hillary Clinton?”

National   |   Christine Rousselle   |   Oct 31, 2016   |   10:45AM   |   Washington, DC

Appearing on the Catholic television channel Eternal World Television Network program World Over, Republican nominee Donald Trump spoke on a variety of topics from abortion, to religious liberty, to Obamacare, to his prayer life. Trump gave measured answers and stressed the importance of preserving religious freedom in the United States.

After first asking Trump about his mother, host Raymond Arroyo cut right to the chase and asked Trump about his temperament on the campaign trail and how that would translate to a presidency. Trump said that as president, he would have a more measured attitude and would drop the “nastiness” that some have accused him of during the campaign. Trump assured Arroyo that he would be more measured as president than he was during the campaign.

The interview then shifted to social issues, and Arroyo questioned Trump about how he has shifted on the issue of abortion. Trump cited a couple that he knew that got pregnant and had differing views on abortion; one wanted to abort, and one didn’t. They had the baby, the baby is a “magnificent person” and the person who was pro-choice is now pro-life. Trump said that this couple was one of the reasons as to how he also evolved on the issue. He also compared his change of heart to that of Ronald Reagan, who also was pro-choice early in his political career. “I made the personal change, and I’m very happy with it.”

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On the topic of religious liberty, Trump said that it was in “tremendous trouble” in this country, and that “faith-based” people are not accepted in this country. Trump also pledged to get rid of the Johnson Amendment, so that pastors and ministers can speak on the issue of politics without losing their tax exempt status.

Trump said that Clinton should do “more than apologize” for the various emails that made comments critical of Catholics and Evangelicals. He said that “anybody of faith” should not be voting for Clinton.

“Why would an Evangelical or a Catholic, or almost, you could say, anybody of faith, […] why would they vote for Hillary Clinton? And how could they vote for Hillary Clinton?”

When asked about his prayer life, Trump effectively dodged the question and said that was very personal, but that he prays for his family and for the country. For his favorite saint, Trump said he liked Mother Teresa (St. Teresa of Calcutta) and Pope St. John Paul II.

As Election Day draws nearer, Trump said that he believes the polls are “skewed” and that he is not as behind as it would seem.

And in closing, Trump confirmed that he is saying “big league,” not “bigly.”

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