Poll: Majority of Americans Disagree With Hillary Clinton on Forcing Taxpayers to Fund Abortions

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Oct 27, 2016   |   5:12PM   |   Washington, DC

For years, pro-lifers have been working hard to expose how radical and out of touch Hillary Clinton’s abortion policies are with the general public.

A new poll from Harvard University just confirmed it.

The poll, conducted for Politico, found that most voters are against Clinton’s proposal to overturn the Hyde Amendment and force taxpayers to pay for abortions through Medicaid.

According to Politico, just 36 percent of likely voters support Clinton’s plan to direct federal tax dollars to cover abortions, while 58 percent oppose it. When broken down by candidate, “Clinton voters are slightly in favor (57% support, 36% oppose), while Trump voters are decidedly against (19% support, 77% oppose),” according to the poll.

Interestingly, the poll also found that voters who make more than $75,000 were more supportive of forcing taxpayers to fund abortions (45 percent in favor), while those who make $25,000 or less were strongly against it (24 percent in favor). In other words, the people most likely to qualify for a Medicaid-covered, taxpayer-funded abortion are the ones who oppose it the most.

Upheld by the Supreme Court, the Hyde Amendment is now a target of abortion advocates who have moved from pro-choice to pro-abortion — forcing Americans not only to accept unlimited abortions up to birth but also to pay for them. Both Clinton and the Democratic Party are calling for Hyde to be repealed and for taxpayers to be forced to pay for abortions.

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Historically, the Hyde Amendment has received bipartisan support. The amendment has been passed every year since 1976 and has largely prevented federal Medicaid dollars from paying for abortions. The Supreme Court eventually upheld the Hyde Amendment and limits on taxpayer funding of abortions in 1980.

Research from the Charlotte Lozier Institute indicates that the amendment has saved more than 2 million lives from abortion in the past 40 years.

If Clinton succeeds, however, the Guttmacher Institute estimates 33,000 more unborn babies will be killed in abortions every year. Planned Parenthood, which already receives about $550 million in federal tax dollars every year, would benefit hugely from the move. The taxpayer money Planned Parenthood receives right now is not supposed to be used for abortions.

Here’s more from Politico:

Robert Blendon, a Harvard professor of health policy and political analysis who conducted the poll, says that if Clinton is elected, her supporters are going to want her to make progress on women’s health — and progress means more than protecting the status quo on reproductive rights.

“She put this in [the platform] because activist Democrats care about it and if she wins, it’s not enough to say, ‘We’re not going to defund Planned Parenthood,’” Blendon said. “She has to make some positive step.”’

The mainstream news outlet and the Harvard researchers admitted that Clinton’s plan only appeals to a small, strongly pro-abortion group. Even a number of Democrats recently have spoken out against Clinton’s radical pro-abortion agenda.

Taxpayer-funding of abortion is not popular, even among Democrats and those who identify as pro-choice. Unfortunately, few of the major news networks have covered this new shift to push taxpayer-funded abortions. In September, News Busters reported ABC, CBS and NBC did not report about the Hyde Amendment once this election year.

The Politico poll is consistent with past polling showing that a majority of Americans oppose taxpayer funding for abortions. A 2015 Marist poll found that more than two-thirds of Americans oppose taxpayer funding of abortion, including a majority of women and people who identify as pro-choice.