Hillary Clinton Thinks It’s OK to Kill Disabled Babies in Late-Term Abortions, But This Mom Chose Life

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Oct 24, 2016   |   10:58AM   |   Washington, DC

Hillary Clinton made it clear that she opposes even some of the most common-sense abortion regulations several months ago when she blasted Indiana for protecting unborn babies from abortion simply because of their sex or a disability.

During the Wednesday night presidential debate, Clinton again made it clear that she supports late-term abortions when parents learn “that something terrible has happened or just been discovered” about their unborn baby.

“The kinds of cases that fall at the end of pregnancy are often the most heartbreaking, painful decisions for families to make,” Clinton said. “…I do not think the United States government should be stepping in and making those most personal of decisions.”

Abortion activists quickly came to Clinton’s defense, touting a series of heartbreaking stories where unborn babies were aborted after their parents learned they had a potentially fatal condition. The families justify their abortions as compassionate and good because killing their unborn child supposedly prevented that child from suffering.

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Cassy Fiano, a pro-life blogger and mother of a son with Down syndrome, said this attitude toward children with special needs is frightening.

“It’s disturbing that this is where we have come as a society, where killing your preborn baby because he or she has a disability is now ‘compassionate’ and ‘brave,’ as opposed to the horrifying tragedy that it is,” Fiano wrote in a column for The Federalist.

Fiano recognized that it is not easy when a woman finds out that something is wrong with her unborn child. She said she felt “devastated” when she learned that her son had Down syndrome. Even worse, she said her military husband was away at the time, and she had to face the heartbreaking news on her own.

Fiano wrote:

I had never known anyone with Down Syndrome. I had never even seen anyone with Down Syndrome. I didn’t feel prepared to raise a child with a disability. I was alone and terrified, and I cried for days. But despite my fear, I chose life for my son. There was no other option.

Being a parent to a child with a disability was never part of my plan. It was certainly not something I would have chosen—not at the time, anyway. Regardless, carrying my son in my body did not give me the right to take his life because he didn’t fit into the preconceived notions I had about what I wanted out of a child. Having a disability does not mean that someone has less value than an able-bodied person.

I don’t have the right to kill someone because he or she has a birth defect or a disability, not at any point in his or her life. The fact that so many people feel otherwise—that they think people like my son should be sentenced to death before they’re even born, simply because they’re different or disabled—is utterly heart-wrenching.

Fiano and others have been pointing out lately how legalized abortion has become a means of practicing eugenics in the modern day – without actually calling it “eugenics.” The human beings who are deemed less fit to live are “weeded out,” a concept Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger pushed throughout her life. The eugenics movement fell out of favor in the 1940s when people discovered how the beliefs led to the horrific mass-slaughter of people with disabilities, Jews, homosexuals and many others in the Nazi Holocaust.

Even some journalists and others who call themselves pro-choice on abortion are noticing how abortion is being used to discriminate against children with disabilities. For example, British journalist William Skidelsky felt deeply troubled when his wife’s doctor encouraged them to abort their son because of a cleft lip. The doctor called their unborn son “disgusting,” even though his condition was easily correctable. And earlier this year, amid fears that the Zika virus could be causing birth defects in babies, even a disability rights advocate at the liberal Huffington Post admitted to being concerned that abortion activists were pushing for abortions of disabled babies.

While there is a growing focus on respecting and treasuring people with disabilities who are living outside of the womb, our society continues to discriminate against babies in the womb. As Fiano pointed out, unborn babies still are seen as lesser human beings who do not deserve a right to life. And Hillary Clinton is promoting that discriminatory idea with her abortion policies.