Heartbreaking New Song Reveals the Regret and Sadness Women Face After Abortion

International   |   Cora Sherlock   |   Oct 21, 2016   |   11:58AM   |   Dublin, Ireland

A new song and accompanying video has been launched in Ireland with the aim of drawing attention to women who are suffering from regret and sadness after abortion.

“Every Time” was written by Roger Berkeley and produced in association with the abortion recovery group Women Hurt.  The accompanying video tells the story of a young woman who is left to deal with an unplanned pregnancy after her boyfriend tells her he wants nothing to do with the situation.

The video draws on the all-too-familiar themes of loss and grief that many women experience following an abortion.  In Ireland’s sometimes very vocal abortion debate, there is little or no space main in the public arena for women who want to talk about their feelings of regret and as a result, it is very easy for prochoice campaigners to dismiss them as a tiny minority.

This means that the “Every Time” video is very welcome to the debate in Ireland, and also to the abortion debate internationally.  By focussing on the very sensitive issue of abortion regret, Roger Berkeley’s crew and the Women Hurt group have started a conversation.  Let’s hope it continues.

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