Woman Suffocates Her Three Baby Boys to Death Because Her Husband Gave Them More Attention

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Oct 20, 2016   |   6:58PM   |   Columbus, OH

New details of a horrific murder case came out in Ohio this week after police said a woman confessed to suffocating her three young sons.

According to the Associated Press, Brittany Pilkington, 24, of Bellefontaine, Ohio confessed to police that she smothered each of the three boys with a blanket over the face because she did not want to see them suffer. The three young boys, a toddler and two infants, died at different times over a 13-month period, according to police.

Pilkington said she was depressed and worried that her sons would grow up and become abusive toward women. Authorities believe she killed her sons because she was jealous of the attention they received from her husband, according to the AP.

The Springfield New Sun reports another factor that may be considered in the case is that Pilkington was sexually abused by her husband. According to the report:

Brittany Pilkington’s husband, Joseph Pilkington, was charged with felony sexual battery and arrested in September 2015 for allegedly starting a sexual relationship with then Brittany Cummins while she was a minor and he was a step-father figure living in her home.

He pleaded guilty earlier this year to a lesser, misdemeanor charge of sexual imposition, according to Logan County court records. He must register as a Tier One sex offender for 15 years and he received no jail time as part of his sentencing.

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On Wednesday, a judge heard arguments about whether to allow a tape of Pilkington’s confession to be played during her trial, according to WDTN News. Her lawyer argued that police pressured her into making the confession without a lawyer present, while prosecutors argued that Pilkington knew what she was doing when she agreed to be interviewed without a lawyer.

She is charged with aggravated murder, and is pleading not guilty.