Tim Kaine: No Reason for Hillary Clinton to Apologize for Her Campaign Trashing Catholics

Opinion   |   Brian Burch   |   Oct 17, 2016   |   6:19PM   |   Washington, DC

Tim Kaine has a message for you.  If you don’t like anti-Catholic bigotry, too bad.

Kaine appeared yesterday on national television with ABC’s Martha Raddatz. He was asked if the Clinton campaign should apologize for its ‘mockery’ of Catholics. First he tried to blame the Russians. Then Kaine said:

“I don’t think you need to apologize for your opinions.”

Do Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine believe anti-Catholic bigotry is ok? Would they allow campaign officials to ridicule Muslims and Jews? Of course not! But mocking and attacking Catholics is just fine. Time and time again, anti-Catholicism remains the only acceptable bigotry.

Are you surprised?

SIGN THE PLEDGE! We Oppose Hillary Clinton!

They called us “severely backwards.” They mocked business leaders for raising their kids Catholic… and they were outed for creating groups to help plant the “seeds of revolution” in our Church. They intended to start a “Catholic Spring” to put an end to the “medieval dictatorship.”

And they won’t even apologize, let alone resign! And now they want Catholics to vote for them?

In the same interview with Martha Raddatz, Kaine touts the fact that he is a Catholic! He says: “I’m very, very serious about my Catholicism and Hillary views that as a real asset.”

That Hillary views Kaine’s Catholicism as an asset is undeniable. The Clinton campaign views Catholic voters as political pawns to be used to advance her left wing agenda. Tim Kaine is merely their latest tool.

For Hillary Clinton and her campaign chair John Podesta, Catholics are nothing but bodies in the pews to be manipulated for votes, nothing less and nothing more.

Not only is this view shameful and bigoted, it’s dangerous.  The Church must unite and stand strong.

LifeNews Note: Brian Burch is the head of CatholicVote.