Birthday Card Sent to Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinics: “If This Child’s Picture Upsets You Call Me”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Oct 12, 2016   |   4:21PM   |   Washington, DC

Planned Parenthood is gearing up for a huge celebration of its 100th birthday on Sunday.

In response, one pro-life group is sending birthday cards to Planned Parenthood facilities to remind employees of the children who never celebrated birthdays because they were aborted.

The cards, created by the Pro-Life Action League, show a birthday cake on the front with the message “Congratulations? On Planned Parenthood’s 100th birthday …” Inside the card is a photo of an aborted baby’s tiny body, a phone number and the message: “What about those who never got to have one? If this child’s picture upsets you, give me a call, Eric Scheidler.”

Scheidler, executive director of the Pro-Life Action League, told the Stream their idea for the cards came from a conversation one of their volunteers had with a former Planned Parenthood employee. The former employee described how horrible it was to work at an abortion facility and how one day she finally decided to quit.

Scheidler said they are not trying to demonize people who work at Planned Parenthood. He said they hope the cards will make an impact on employees whose “consciences are often deeply troubled by what goes on behind the doors of Planned Parenthood’s 631 facilities.”

The pro-life organization also plans to hold prayer vigils outside of more than 100 Planned Parenthood centers on Saturday, the day when many abortion facilities are open.

“To acknowledge the humanity of these unknown, unnamed, faceless and abandoned children is a very positive thing to do,” Scheidler told the Stream. “The abortion industry and their allies in government and the media want us all to forget about these kids, but we won’t.”

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Planned Parenthood does almost one third of all the abortions in the U.S., about 320,000 a year, according to its annual reports. Pro-lifers estimate the abortion chain has aborted almost 7 million unborn babies in the past 100 years. Planned Parenthood claims to be a non-profit, but it receives more than $500 million taxpayer dollars every year, and its CEO’s salary was close to $1 million in 2014, according to IRS records.

Ironically, back in June, its CEO Cecile Richards claimed, “For 100 years, Planned Parenthood has allowed people to live out their dreams, and largely because women can now access birth control and legal abortion.”

Planned Parenthood’s roots are in the eugenics movement of the early 1900s. Founder Margaret Sanger was a well-known eugenicist whose ideas about human life laid the groundwork for what the abortion chain has become today. According to researcher Angela Franks, PhD, Sanger believed that society needed to “weed out” certain human beings who were “unfit.”

Jacki Ragan of the National Right to Life Committee described Planned Parenthood’s upcoming anniversary as the “saddest birthday ever” both for the millions of aborted babies and for the mothers and fathers who are suffering from past abortions. Both she and Scheidler encouraged pro-lifers to use the occasion to educate their communities about Planned Parenthood’s horrific treatment of human life.