Heartbreaking Display of 100,000 Pink and Blue Flags Represents Babies Killed in Abortions

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Oct 11, 2016   |   7:23PM   |   Ottawa, Canada

Exactly 100,000 tiny flags flew Saturday on a field in Canada, each representing an unborn baby’s life lost to abortion.

The display of pink and blue flags was both stunning and heartbreaking in the small town of Steinbach, in Manitoba. Volunteers set up and tore down the flags on Saturday as part of a national campaign by WeNeedaLaw.ca to end abortion, according to CBC News Manitoba.

Matthew Klassen, who organized the display, explained each flag represents an unborn baby’s life that is destroyed by abortion every year in Canada.

“People can’t believe how large this number is when they get to see a visual representation of it,” Klassen said. “There were a number of people moved to tears by it just because of what each flag represents. People agree that Canada is in a shameful position by being in the western world that has zero abortion regulation at all.”

He told CBC that about 150 people helped with the display. He said they took down the flags Saturday evening because pro-life displays often get vandalized.

Member of Parliament Ted Falk participated in the pro-life event and received some criticism for it, according to CBC.

“It’s an incredible sight. It’s very moving to see this many flags here,” Falk said in a video posted online. In a statement, he added, “If Canada is going to continue to be a nation that is blessed, I believe that we must draft and pass legislation that puts in place protection for unborn children.”

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Mike Schouten, director of the national WeNeedALaw.ca campaign, said the display is a public representation of the injustice of abortion. Canada is the only country in the western world without abortion restrictions, according to the campaign.

Schouten said their campaign is working to educate the public about abortion and to promote common-sense legislation such as a late-term abortion ban, sex-selection abortion ban, unborn victims of crime laws and protections for the right to choose life.

“It is always better to save some than none,” Schouten said. “We want to be able to find opportunities in the political realm where legal protections can be enacted that protect preborn children even if it is not all of those preborn children. We believe that science is indisputable, that life begins at conception, we can’t dispute that, but the reality is most Canadians don’t support a law that bans abortion so let’s focus on what we have in common.”

Here’s more from the campaign website:

Canada provides no legal protection for pre-born humans and it’s time to address this appalling fact. It’s ironic that our leaders repeatedly, and rightly so, call out other countries for their human rights violations, and yet Canada is one of the only countries in the world without any legal protection for children in the womb.

While we still don’t have an abortion law, we know that more than three quarters of Canadians want some protection for children in the womb. Canadians find the current situation unacceptable, and more and more of us want something done about it. The gap between public opinion and public policy regarding abortion legislation is growing.