Students at a Catholic University Perform Mock Abortions as Other Students Laugh

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Oct 7, 2016   |   2:03PM   |   Chicago, IL

A pro-abortion student group at Loyola University Chicago posted a disturbing video online recently likening an early-term abortion procedure to sucking the seeds out of a papaya.

The College Fix discovered the video of the “papaya workshop” on the Loyola Students for Reproductive Justice Facebook page in late September. An unofficial club at the Catholic university, the student pro-abortion group said it hosted the workshop to demonstrate how an aspiration abortion works. A medical student at the university led the mock abortion demonstration, according to the group.

“The purpose of the papaya workshop is for students to learn about aspiration abortions, and to destigmatize abortion in general,” the group wrote on Facebook. “Abortion is a simple medical procedure. Up to 10 weeks, this procedure is very similar to sucking the seeds out of a papaya!”

“We’ll have another workshop like this next semester, so stay tuned for that!” the group added.

The video shows the medical student holding a papaya and instructing another student to insert the abortion instrument into the fruit and use it to suck out the seeds. In the background, students can be heard laughing. The video ends with the student exclaiming “Ooh!” excitedly after she manages to extract some of the seeds from the papaya with the suction instrument.

An aspiration abortion, or D&C, typically is used in the first trimester. It involves inserting a suction tube inside the mother’s uterus to vacuum out the unborn child. The abortionist then uses tools to scrape the lining of the uterus to remove any remaining parts of the unborn baby’s body. Watch this Live Action video to learn how the abortion procedure is performed.

Abortion activists are working hard to convince Americans that abortions are normal, routine medical procedures and nothing more. But few will admit the scientific fact that abortions destroy unique, living human being’s lives.

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Sucking the seeds out of a papaya appears harmless, and that likely is what abortion activists want students to think about abortion. However, a number of students and journalists who witnessed actual abortions said they felt disturbed when they saw the true nature of an abortion procedure. One anonymous medical student said he was firmly pro-choice before he witnessed an unborn baby’s life being destroyed in an abortion. Seeing the dead unborn baby boy’s body changed his mind.

“I have been tortured by these images – so real and so vivid – for two days now…and I was just a spectator,” he said. “Never again will I be pro-choice, and never again will I support the murder of any human being, no matter their stage in life.”