Pro-Abortion Groups to Debate Moderators: Give Hillary Clinton a Chance to Promote Abortion

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Oct 7, 2016   |   10:37AM   |   Washington, DC

Some of America’s top pro-abortion groups are urging Sunday’s presidential debate moderators to give Hillary Clinton the opportunity to promote abortion.

The Hill reports Planned Parenthood, NARAL, Emily’s List and five others sent letters to moderators Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz this week asking them to bring up abortion in the next presidential debate.

“… politicians at every level of government are actively trying — and in many cases succeeding — in blocking access to what is at the end of the day a constitutionally protected right,” the groups wrote in the letter.

The pro-abortion groups claimed there is a “crisis of abortion access,” and Clinton should be given the opportunity to address the issue. They also claimed that seven in 10 Americans support legal abortion, a deceptive statement that makes the pro-abortion movement appear to have more support than it actually does.

According to The Hill, the move could be an attempt to appeal to young women, a group of voters that Clinton has been struggling to win over. By abortion activists’ own accounts, young people are not as active in their movement as they are in the pro-life movement.

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A new poll by Students for Life also found that most young adults do not support the abortion lobby’s radical agenda. In general, polls consistently show that most Americans oppose most abortions.

The moderators would do a service to voters to ask Clinton and Trump about their stances on abortion; however, too often, liberal journalists fail to question pro-abortion candidates about the specifics of their stance.

Dave Andrusko, the editor of National Right to Life News, recently proposed five questions that debate moderators should ask Clinton about abortion.

His first question was:

#1. There are 80-90 million people viewing this first presidential debate, Secretary Clinton. Do you still stick by what you told Chuck Todd of Meet the Press–that “The unborn person doesn’t have constitutional rights,” including (when asked by Paula Paris of The View) “on its due date, just hours before delivery”?

Clinton’s pro-abortion policies are radical and out of touch with most Americans. If elected, the pro-abortion Democrat promised to work to repeal the Hyde Amendment, which has saved more than 2 million babies from abortion, and force taxpayers to pay for abortions. She also promised to nominate U.S. Supreme Court justices who will uphold Roe v. Wade and abortion on demand up until birth.

Whether the truth about Clinton’s radical pro-abortion stance will come out in the next debate remains to be seen.