Pro-Abortion Feminist Gloria Steinem: “If the Pro-Life Crowd Like Me, I’d be Worried”

Opinion   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Oct 7, 2016   |   3:42PM   |   Washington, DC

Here at we have extensively covered the pro-abortion antics of feminist Gloria Steinem. From her abortion advocacy to bragging about her abortion to crazy comments, she is no stranger to pro-life advocates.

In her latest interview Steinem appears to relish the criticism and opposition from the pro-life community. The abortion activist said she would be worried if pro-life Advocates did not take exception to her radical views.

“The right-to-life crowd — if they liked me, I would worry,” she said told the Duluth, Minnesota newspaper. “There are vast numbers of people I’m delighted to be criticized by.”

Steinem once had an abortion and says the abortionist told her to do the best she could in life and she thinks she’s done that by pushing abortion.

While her latest memoir, “My Life on the Road” — just published in paperback — is more personal and less political than her previous five books, it’s clear the matriarch hasn’t mellowed.

Consider the book’s dedication to the London doctor who, at risk to himself, helped her get an illegal abortion in 1957. Heading to India at 22 after breaking an ill-fated engagement, Steinem said he asked only that she’d promise to “do what you want to do with your life.” She concludes: “I’ve done the best I could.”

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At 82 Steinem is at the end of her pro-abortion career, but her eye-popping comments like this one will never be forgotten:

“Forced childbirth is the single biggest cause of global warming,” Gloria Steinem said at a recent gala celebrating Planned Parenthood Greater Memphis Region’s 75th Anniversary.

Steinem, a prominent abortion activist in the feminist movement, gave the keynote address at the event, The Commercial Appeal reported. She used the opportunity to celebrate the nation’s largest abortion chain and push abortions.

Steinem began her 20-minute speech by promoting “reproductive rights.” She said: “Nothing but nothing is more important than ensuring our fundamental right to reproductive freedom. The principle that government power stops at our skin.”

Although abortion stops the heartbeats of thousands of females and continues to leave negative mental and physical effects on women, Gloria Steinem said in her speech that “there is no cause on earth more important” than giving women easy access to abortions.  Whether she likes it or not, we’ll continue to pint out that Gloria Steinem is wrong.