Pro-Life Group Endorses Donald Trump and Mike Pence: “Best Team for Advancing Pro-Life Policies”

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Oct 3, 2016   |   11:40AM   |   Washington, DC

Another pro-life group has issued an endorsement for Donald Trump and Mike Pence. Today, the Indiana Right to Life Political Action Committee (PAC) announced its endorsement of the Republican presidential ticket.

Mike Fichter, Chairman of the Indiana Right to Life PAC, told LifeNews that voters can trust them to advance pro-life policies.

“We urge pro-life Hoosiers to select Donald Trump and Mike Pence when they cast their presidential vote. Trump and Pence are the best team for advancing pro-life policies, like defunding Planned Parenthood of our tax dollars,” he said.

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In contrast, he said pro-life voters can count on Hillary Clinton to promote abortion as president.

“The next president will nominate at least one Supreme Court justice. We know Hillary Clinton will nominate a progressive activist, who will not uphold pro-life state laws being heard by the highest court in the land. We also know a Clinton administration will direct our tax dollars to abortion businesses and will expand access to abortion here at home and overseas,” Fichter explained.

While Trump is a recent pro-life convert, Fichter says the addition of Mike Pence on the ticket ought to provide reassurance for pro-life voters since Pence has a life-long commitment to pro-life values on abortion. And Fichter has known his home state’s governor for decades.

“Trump picked a solidly pro-life public servant when he selected Pence as his running mate. Indiana’s abortion rate has declined every year during the Pence administration and four abortion facilities have closed their doors,” Fichter said.

“Under Pence, the state has enforced health and safety standards that protect women. Pence has signed numerous pro-life bills into law, including the most recent Dignity for the Unborn Law that gives respect to the unborn child and bars discriminatory abortions. Finally, Pence’s Real Alternatives program at pregnancy resource centers provides life-affirming care to mothers and children as they decide to choose life. Pence will bring his pro-life commitment to the Trump administration,” the Indiana pro-life leader added.

“Trump and Pence are our best option to advance the cause of life. We endorse Trump and Pence in the race for the White House,” Fichter concluded.