Democrats Want Resolution to Honor Planned Parenthood as “Essential Thread in the Fabric of Society”

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Oct 3, 2016   |   1:34PM   |   Washington, DC

Congressional Democrats love Planned Parenthood and their love affair with the nation’s largest abortion business is so big that they have introduced a resolution to honor it.

Despite the fact that Planned Parenthood is the nation’s biggest abortion company — aborting than 320,000 unborn babies every single year — Democrats are honoring it as “an essential thread in the fabric of society.”

The resolution comes as Planned Parenthood will be celebrating its 100th anniversary on October 16th. The resolution goes as far as honoring its founder Margaret Sanger who was a renowned racist and population control activist. Her views have been exposed for decades in terms of how she wanted to weed out certain undesirable populations.

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CNS News has more on the resolution:

Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) introduced a resolution last week to “recognize the importance of Planned Parenthood’s contributions to women’s health care and reproductive rights in America over the last 100 years.”

The resolution voiced strong support for the nation’s largest abortion provider, declaring that “the organization remains an essential thread in the fabric of society, and it will be key in the next century to assisting millions of women, men, and young people in accessing the health care they need and deserve, no matter who they are or where they live.”

“Planned Parenthood should not be defunded, attacked, or discriminated against for their role as a vital women’s health care provider across the country,” the resolution stated.

The resolution is cosponsored by 18 of Wyden’s Democratic colleagues in the Senate.

With Republicans in charge of the Senate it’s doubtful the pro-abortion resolution will get a vote.