Catholic Priest: “Unless We End the Killing of Children in Abortion Our Nation’s Problems Will Get Worse”

Opinion   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Sep 30, 2016   |   12:15PM   |  

A leading pro-life Catholic priest says the top issue for American voters ought to be abortion and that unless abortion in America ends the nation’s problems will only get worse. Father Frank Pavone of Priests for Life is also concerned about the attempt by a fake Catholic group called Catholics for Choice that is trying to deceive voters.

LifeNews has previously covered the so-called Catholics for Choice ad seeking to make abortion a positive thing for Catholics.

“Have you seen the ad?  It’s a product of the deceptive, pro-abortion group called “Catholics” for Choice.  I put the word “Catholics” in quotation marks because this group is anything but Catholic,” says Father Frank Pavone. “And the sole purpose of the pro-abortion group’s ad is to confuse and mislead Catholic voters, while at the same time give political “cover” to those Catholics who refuse to recognize that ending legalized abortion-on-demand is the fundamental issue facing voters this election.  Period.”

“I say that because of the simple truth that, until and unless we end the killing of defenseless children in the womb, our nation’s problems – whether it be with the economy, or immigration, or violence in our cities, or with ISIS and radical Islamic terrorists – will continue and get worse,” Pavone added.

Pavone continued:

As I suspect you know, “Catholics” for Choice (or CFC) is a pro-abortion group that is based in Washington, D.C. The bishops have said that it has no affiliation with the Catholic Church whatsoever.

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It uses the name “Catholic” in its title for the sole purpose of contradicting the Church’s unequivocal opposition to abortion no matter what the circumstances of the pregnancy.

For the group to state that taxpayer-funded abortion is a Catholic social good is nothing but a politically motivated attempt to sow confusion.  It is a devious campaign to mislead Catholics, not only about what the Church teaches, but about what abortion is.

How could any properly formed Catholic think that it’s perfectly okay and in line with Church teaching for an abortionist to decapitate living babies in the womb?  Or rip their tiny arms and legs off during a brutal abortion procedure?

No wonder our U.S. Bishops spoke out years ago and told people in no uncertain language that “Catholics for Choice” is NOT Catholic.  And the group’s current campaign has prompted more clarification on this from individual bishops, including Cardinal Timothy Dolan, three bishops in Texas and others.

Like them I know that the current “Catholics” for Choice ad campaign is the work of the devil, whom Christ called a “murderer” as well as a “liar and the father of lies” (John 8:44).

And the best way to respond to this pro-abortion group’s lie is with the TRUTH.

Pavone appreciates the condemnation of the Catholics for Choice ad by leading bishops but called on Catholics to respond to the ad and stand up for pro-life Catholic values.

“And while the immediate response from Church leaders here in the U.S. has been clear and strong, it’s not enough.  Those bishops have a limited audience.  For the most part their response only goes out to those Catholics living in their respective dioceses,” he said. “And right now we need to counter the lie being spread by “Catholics” for Choice … especially with the millions of Catholic voters who live in the horseshoe states that border the Great Lakes: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York.”

“And now that “Early Voting” is about to begin in several states, it’s critically important that we be out there with our fellow Catholics spreading the truth about abortion and its dire consequences for our nation … especially now in light of the false and misleading ad campaign which “Catholics” for Choice has launched,” Pavone concluded.