Pro-Life Students Told They Cant Hand Out Pro-Life Literature Because It’s “Solicitation”

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Sep 27, 2016   |   1:16PM   |   Columbus, OH

Twice in the past month, pro-lifers at Ohio University have faced unfriendly and even hostile situations during their educational outreach events.

In the latest situation, the university’s Students for Life club members were giving out literature on Friday when staffers from the university told them that they had to stop because their actions violated school policies.

According to Students for Life’s blog, the club members set up a Cycle of Corruption display on campus to expose how Planned Parenthood, a taxpayer-funded organization, buys off politicians so that it can continue its deadly trade. They also handed out literature that explained more about the corruption inside the nation’s largest abortion provider.

Ohio University is a public university, which means students’ freedom of speech should be protected. However, university staffers told the pro-life students that the could not hand out literature about the campaign because it was “solicitation,” according to SFL.

“They are telling our students that they need to stand behind their table (and smile) and are threatening to call the university’s police,” SFL wrote on its blog.

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The students filmed their exchange with the university staffer and posted the video on YouTube. The pro-life organization said its attorneys are looking into the matter.

Carly Glick, the university communications director, told the Christian Examiner that they treated the pro-life club the same way they do other student groups. She explained that university policies clearly prohibit student groups from distributing literature in the location where the pro-life club was.

After being confronted by the university on Friday, the pro-life students responded by holding signs near their display about the university’s actions. “Ohio University won’t let us give you information,” one student’s sign read. Another said, “Want information? You have to ask us.”

On Sept. 16, pro-lifers with Created Equal who were doing outreach at the same university faced a hostile situation when a masked abortion activist vandalized some of their signs. The group captured a video of a hooded and masked male beating their pro-life display with a club.

The group told that, apparently, this pro-choice terrorist premeditated the attack by first mingling with his fellow abortion supporters. Then, suddenly he concealed his identity with a hood and mask and began swinging wildly at several of the abortion victim images, witnesses said.

After vandalizing the display, the masked male squared-off with a Created Equal staff member in a clear attempt to threaten him with violence if he attempted to apprehend him, according to witnesses.  Law enforcement was immediately called to the scene.

Mark Harrington, National Director of Created Equal, told LifeNews: “Preborn defenders have been experiencing an increase in vandalism and violence at campuses across the country. Unfortunately, this attack could signal a new wave of violence towards pro-life advocates.”