Thousands of People March to Celebrate Abortion and Legalize Abortions in Ireland

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Sep 26, 2016   |   10:10AM   |   Washington, DC

Abortion activists across the world have their eyes on Ireland, hoping to pressure it into legalizing abortion on demand.

On Saturday, they staged a pro-abortion “March for Choice” in Dublin and dozens of other cities to call for the pro-life nation to change its laws. Thousands of abortion activists joined the protests, demanding that the strong Catholic nation overturn its Eighth Amendment, which protects unborn babies’ right to life.

One pro-abortion columnist estimated that 30,000 people protested on the Dublin streets Saturday, but the Irish Independent reported that the crowd was not even as big as the 20,000 expected.

The Independent said the rain and a bus strike in Dublin likely affected the numbers; however, there could be another reason to blame. Most of the support for the pro-abortion campaign appears to be coming from outside the country.

Strong evidence suggests that American billionaire George Soros is using his fortune to push Ireland to legalize abortion. In a column for Eurasia Review, William Donohue pointed out that Soros gave huge donations to three of the pro-abortion groups that promoted the pro-abortion march on Saturday.

In 2015, Life Institute reported another American billionaire named Chuck Feeney also gave about $18 million to Irish pro-abortion groups through his foundation. Bill Gates and the Ford Foundation also reportedly gave millions of dollars to the Centre for Reproductive Rights, which also is pushing abortion in Ireland, according to Life Institute.

Here’s more from Reuters:

… next month Prime Minister Enda Kenny will call a citizens’ assembly to advise the government on whether a vote should be held to boost access to abortion.

Demonstrators marched in the rain on government buildings from Dublin’s main thoroughfare of O’Connell Street, bringing traffic to a standstill by the River Liffey as they chanted, beat drums and held placards saying “My Body, My Choice”.

“It’s a woman’s right to choose and it is ridiculous to say that anybody else, the state or the church, has to right to tell that woman what happens to her body,” said Sal Roche, a 42-year-old dance teacher at the march with her 2-year-old son, Tommy. …

Ireland’s Minister for Children Katherine Zappone, an independent member of Kenny’s coalition government who joined the march in Dublin, told Reuters that the earliest possible date for a referendum would be towards the end of next year.

“It’s my hope that what we’re doing today will ensure we get a referendum and the government moves as quickly as possible,” said Zappone, one of many wearing black sweatshirts with the word “Repeal” printed on the front, a reference to the eighth amendment of the constitution activists want repealed.

In a column for the Irish Times that supported legalized abortion, Una Mullally described the crowd as diverse with “mothers pushing buggies and union representatives, migrant rights activists and students, groups of gay men, pensioners, entire families, people with dogs and flags and homemade banners, socialists and doctors and musicians, lesbians and footballers and actors and Googlers, dads, councillors, atheists and Catholics …”


The crowd chanted “Repeal the Eighth!” and “Not the Church, not the state, women must decide their fate” as they marched in the rain, according to her column.

The Irish Pro-Life Campaign held an awareness event over the weekend, too. The Independent reports the pro-life group spoke about how the Eighth Amendment has saved approximately 100,000 lives from abortion.

“Realistically speaking, it is very likely that well in excess of 100,000 people owe their lives to this life-saving provision of our Constitution,” pro-life Dr. Ruth Cullen said, emphasizing how the unborn child never gets a “choice” in an abortion. “You only have to look at what happens in England – where 90pc of babies diagnosed with Down Syndrome are now aborted. Abortion advocates clearly don’t trust women with the truth about their baby and what happens in an abortion.”

Ireland is facing global pressure from the United Nations and some of the world’s richest men to legalize abortion on demand. In August, a leaked document from Soros’s Open Society Foundations confirmed that the American billionaire is using his fortune to push abortion on Ireland, Mexico and other pro-life countries, the Catholic News Agency reported.

In reference to Ireland, the document said, “With one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the world, a win there could impact other strongly Catholic countries in Europe, such as Poland, and provide much needed proof that change is possible, even in highly conservative places.”