Abortion Activists: “Shameful” That Pro-Life People Give Fetal Models to Women Considering Abortion

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Sep 26, 2016   |   6:44PM   |   Sydney, Australia

Abortion activists in New South Wales are upset that pro-lifers are offering women information about their unborn babies as they walk into abortion facilities.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, activist Liz Marmo accused pro-lifers of trying to shame women by showing them photos of babies in the womb and offering them 12-week fetal models outside of the Fertility Control Clinic, an abortion facility in Albury, Australia.

She expressed outrage that pro-lifers hid the fetal models from abortion activists like herself for many years, but now they are displaying them in a basket in the open. She called it a “shameful new low.”

Marmo also claimed the fetal models, which appear to be 12-week models of unborn babies based on photos from the news outlet, are not anatomically correct and the photos of babies in the womb are “distorted.” She complained that the fetal models have toes and toenails, fingers, ears and rib cages – though scientific research confirms that unborn babies do have these features by 12 weeks.

“They’re just woeful people,” Marmo said. “They’re just so wrapped up in their own feelings and in their own faith to worry about how the women are feeling.”

She blamed pro-lifers for making women feel “traumatized” by showing them the photos and fetal models.

“They’re just trying to shock the women,” Marmo said. “They’re trying to shame the women.”

The 54-year-old abortion activist is pushing the Australian states of New South Wales and Queensland to enact onerous buffer zones that would severely restrict pro-lifers’ ability to reach out to women entering abortion facilities. Last year, Victoria lawmakers passed a radical news buffer zone law that bans pro-lifers from coming within 500 meters of abortion facilities in the state.

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Marmo claimed that the buffer zones are the only way to ensure “that women will feel safe” and unashamed as they walk into an abortion facility.

New South Wales Member of Parliament Mehreen Faruqi also is behind the push. She recently blasted pro-lifers on her Facebook page, calling their outreach with the fetal models “disgusting.”

The abortion industry and its supporters claim to offer women a choice, but many lie to women and most hide information from women that allows them to make a fully informed decision.

One woman said her abortionist told her not to worry because “it’s not formed till after 12 weeks” — “it” meaning her unborn child. Another post-abortive woman, Hannah Rose Allen wrote in 2015 that she wished she had been told that even at six weeks of pregnancy, her unborn child’s heart already was beating. Another woman said abortion clinic staff told her that her baby was “just tissue” when she asked whether her baby would feel pain in the abortion. Other women have said abortion facilities refused to let them see ultrasound images of their babies before the abortion.

When women learn the truth that their unborn babies are unique, living human beings from the moment of conception, more choose life. Studies have found that more women reject abortion when they see their unborn child’s image on an ultrasound screen or hear their baby’s heartbeat.

Women deserve to know all the facts so that they can make an informed decision about their pregnancy and their unborn baby’s life. Pro-lifers work hard to ensure that women have access to this information, because the abortion industry would rather keep women in the dark.