Activist: Abortion is a Good Thing and It’s Time to Stop “Stigmatizing” Women Who Abort Their Babies

Opinion   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Sep 21, 2016   |   1:08PM   |   Washington, DC

Not too long ago, the pro-abortion movement seemed to realize how powerful individuals’ stories can be. Never mind that their abortion advocacy has helped to destroy millions of individuals’ ability to ever have or tell a story.

Lately, the pro-abortion movement has been searching for women who will tell their abortion stories publicly – as long as those stories paint abortion as a good thing. Women who were physically or psychologically injured by their abortions, women who regret killing their unborn babies are not welcome in these pro-abortion storytelling campaigns. The goal is to make abortion seem normal and beneficial to the women who have them.

Kimberley Mason, a graduate student at the University of Cincinnati, recently began a chapter of the pro-abortion 1 in 3 Campaign on campus to do just that. Her group plans to host a storytelling event this fall where women will share their abortion stories.

According to the News Record, Mason herself had an abortion the summer before her senior year as an undergraduate. She said she probably would not have graduated college if she had kept her unborn child.

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“I think often what gets lost in the media and in political debates and just in general because people don’t talk about it, is the experiences that women have and the decisions, what goes into making those decisions …” Mason said.

“I’d like it to start a new conversation about abortion, I’d like it to get people to talk about abortion in general and not in a stigmatized way,” she continued. “People are more willing to share their story once they find that other people have that experience too.”

The 1 in 3 Campaign, however, is a pro-abortion campaign that does not welcome all post-abortive women to tell their abortion stories – only the ones whose stories fit with the pro-abortion agenda.

The campaign is not about promoting pregnancy options, either. It’s about promoting abortions.

This is evident by what Mason told the news outlet:

Additionally, some pregnancy centers that come to campus to advertise and offer pregnancy testing to women are often what Mason calls “abortion stigma hotspots,” and may attempt to steer women away from pursuing an abortion.

Persuading women against abortion is a bad thing? Apparently Mason thinks so.

She criticized the non-profit organizations that offer women information about abortion and its alternatives in a caring, non-judgmental atmosphere. They provide their services for free, without any profit or material gain when women reject abortion and choose life for their babies. And they provide material assistance for moms and babies to help them thrive.

Abortion activists once claimed to be “pro-choice,” but they have left that label behind lately and openly advocated a pro-abortion agenda. They even rejected the once popular phrase “safe, legal and rare” because “rare” implies that abortion is something bad.

Through storytelling and other efforts, the pro-abortion movement is trying to convince Americans that an abortion is nothing more than a medical procedure that is necessary for women to live full, successful lives. But they cannot hide the facts that abortions have wounded countless women and destroyed the lives of tens of millions of their unborn babies.