Nancy Pelosi’s Irony: “Whose Political Survival Is More Important Than the Lives of These Children?”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Sep 16, 2016   |   6:10PM   |   Washington, DC

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has been one of Planned Parenthood’s most staunch advocates in Congress.

She repeatedly tried to shut down the Congressional investigation of Planned Parenthood and other groups involved in the trafficking of aborted babies’ body parts. Two years ago, the California Congresswoman received the abortion chain’s Margaret Sanger award. Back in 2013, she even put her foot in her mouth during a press conference, calling the battle to keep late-term abortions legal sacred ground.

This week, CNS News reports Pelosi made an ironic statement about protecting children that seemingly contradicts her pro-abortion stance.

“Whose political survival is more important than the lives of these children?” Pelosi said on the House floor Wednesday.

The pro-abortion Congresswoman was not talking about all children. She was referring to born children who are victims of gun violence, not children in the womb who are victims of abortion violence, according to CNS.

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“We have a little time to save lives- what more important thing does any of us have to do to than to stay here and pass a law that will save lives. If somebody said to you, ‘you could save 90 lives by passing a bill today’ – wouldn’t you do that? Or, why wouldn’t you do that?” Pelosi said, slamming lawmakers who oppose more gun control measures.

Pelosi is no stranger to odd and ironic comments when it comes to abortion. In August, she said Congress should direct taxpayer funds to the Planned Parenthood abortion business to supposedly help stop the Zika virus. She said it should be done “for the babies” even though Planned Parenthood aborts more than 320,000 babies every year. The abortion chain has been targeting pregnant women with Zika because of a possible link between the virus and birth defects.

In the past, Pelosi also called pro-lifers “dumb” for believing that life begins at conception — a long-established scientific fact.

Pelosi regularly receives thousands of dollars in campaign donations from pro-abortion groups, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.