Huffington Post Complains New Movie “Bridget Jones’s Baby” Doesn’t Promote Abortion as an Option

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Sep 15, 2016   |   3:36PM   |   Washington, DC

Huffington Post film reviewer Laura Goldman generally liked the new romantic comedy “Bridget Jone’s Baby,” but she had one problem: It doesn’t promote abortion.

Goldman’s movie review read more like an advocacy piece for abortion. She argued that the comedy, the third in the Bridget Jones series, should have mentioned abortion because the pregnant 40-something main character would have considered it in real life.

She wrote:

“Bridget Jones’s Baby,” deftly written, generates a belly laugh a minute. The one flaw of the movie is that it overdoses on cuteness instead of taking the braver path of discussing birth control and abortion on screen. Yes, the plot of the movie required that Bridget get pregnant, yet she could have discussed or planned more responsible contraception than 10-year-old vegan condoms found in the bottom of her bag. Or in a novel twist, the horny males could have tried and failed to take responsibility for preventing pregnancy. It certainly would have been in character for the uptight Mr. Darcy.

There’s one crucial word missing from the Bridget Jones script-abortion. It is absolutely inconceivable that Bridget, a single 43-year-old pregnant woman, never considers terminating her pregnancy even if she eventually rejected it. The screenwriters of the film should have had her discuss it with her doctor or could have opted for the less in your face route of having Bridget write about it in her diary, which is now an iPad. It is 2016 not 1950. It is okay for a 43-year-old single woman to fear she can’t handle a baby on her own and consider terminating her pregnancy.

Goldman’s piece fit in with abortion activists’ on-going campaign to demand societal acceptance of abortion. The entertainment industry is just one way that they are trying to push their messaging, and they get upset when it doesn’t toe the line. For example, abortion activists were quick to criticize popular comedy actress and writer Mindy Kaling, a Planned Parenthood supporter, in 2014 when she said the topic of abortion would be “demeaning” for her half-hour sitcom. Under pressure from the pro-abortion lobby, she later apologized.

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Abortion activists want the entertainment industry to push their pro-abortion messaging even more than it already does. In the past few years, popular TV shows and movies, including several billed as comedies, have touted the pro-abortion agenda.

Last November, the ABC show “Scandal” shocked many viewers when it glorified a main character’s abortion. The show had one of the main characters smile as she aborted her unborn baby, while “Silent Night” played in the background. Planned Parenthood and other abortion groups praised the show for being “groundbreaking,” “brave” and “awesome.” And the Huffington Post lauded the show for portraying an abortion as “no big deal.”

Abortion is a big deal for most women and always for their unborn babies. Unborn babies die horrible, painful deaths in abortion procedures every day, and millions of women suffer from years of pain and regret afterward. But these heart-wrenching stories are the ones that never get told in the media.