Woman Shares Her Heartbreaking Abortion Regret and How She Has Been Restored Through Jesus

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Sep 14, 2016   |   10:25AM   |   Washington, DC

When Megan Rhoades found herself pregnant unexpectedly in 2005, she panicked.

“I was so scared,” Rhoades explained in a new video testimony online. “I didn’t believe I would be a good mom. I thought adoption would be too hard.”

She told Live Action News that she considered herself pro-life until she was the one facing the unplanned pregnancy. Abortion seemed like the easiest path, and Rhoades took it. Later she realized how wrong her “choice” was.

Today, Rhoades shares her abortion story to encourage other pregnant women to choose life and inform them about the consequences of abortion. She also reaches out to others like herself who are hurting because of an abortion, and offers help and avenues toward healing.

A few weeks ago, she posted a video on YouTube to share her story. After her abortion, Rhoades said she did feel relieved at first; but eventually that feeling gave way to pain, regret and guilt.

Her journey to healing began when she contacted a pro-life pregnancy center about volunteering. They encouraged Rhoades to work through her abortion and learn to forgive herself before she began counseling others, according to Live Action.

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Though she was a Christian, Rhoades said she “didn’t understand how it all worked… grace, forgiveness, the cross… I didn’t get it at first.” Once she began working through her own painful abortion, though, she “took responsibility for my actions for the first time. I dealt with a lot of bottled up anger and unforgiveness.”

She said many women are not told that abortion has consequences: It destroys an unborn child’s life, and it often hurts mothers and fathers.

“I wanted people to understand that while abortion seemed to be an acceptable choice at the time, the long term effects on my child and myself are astronomical,” she said.

Now she works at a pro-life pregnancy center, speaks to churches and schools, and reaches out to women through her website GoAskMegz.com.

“Jesus wanted me restored,” she told Live Action. “He wanted me whole. He wanted me healed so that he could use my story to help others.  Did I ever imagine I would be telling the world about my abortion? No way!  But I’m glad I did.”