“Catholics” for Choice Launches Ad Campaign Saying Women Abort Their Babies “in Good Faith”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Sep 13, 2016   |   4:11PM   |   Washington, DC

A group that claims to be Catholic is trying to convince voters to support pro-abortion candidates in the upcoming election.

The pro-abortion group “Catholics for Choice” has ads running in at least three states that target Catholic voters, Mercatornet reports. The full-page newspaper ads wrongly claim that abortion is a “Catholic social justice value” and urge voters to support abortion and taxpayer funding for it.

Catholic author and radio host Sheila Liaugminas first noticed the pro-abortion ads in one of the Chicago newspapers. She wrote:

In Monday’s Chicago Tribune, page five carried a full-page, color, paid advertisement with the large print heading ‘Abortion In Good Faith’ over the full page photo of a woman, superimposed by a quote attributed to her. It read: “I know firsthand that today’s elected officials need to hear your voice so they do the right thing, ensuring that women who are not well off are not financially burdened by the choices they make.” Under her name, she was identified as “Former Illinois legislator, mother of four and grandmother of eight, Catholic” from “Vernon Hills, IL”, a suburb of Chicago.

At the bottom of that attention-grabbing advertisement, a red banner carried this message: “Public funding for abortion is a Catholic social justice value.” And in a side corner and lighter font, it designated Catholics for Choice as the sponsor.

The ad hints at one of abortion activists’ top goals: to repeal the Hyde Amendment and force taxpayers to directly pay for abortions. Pro-abortion Democrat Hillary Clinton promised to help the abortion industry achieve the goal, and her running mate Tim Kaine, a self-professed Catholic who has a pro-abortion voting record, is refusing to say how he would vote on the issue.

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On a website set up to promote the pro-abortion campaign, the group states: “The harsh restrictions on public funding for abortion mean that lower-income women don’t have access to abortion when they need it. Women who are dependent on Medicaid, employees of the federal and state governments, military members, and millions of others who are dependent on public funding simply don’t get the same kind of care as women with money. That is not Catholic.”

The group’s argument is faulty both theologically and practically. New research by The Economist found that families are suffering because of a lack of resources to help them have and care for children – not access to abortion.

Liaugminas reported the deceptive ad on the air, and callers from Miami, Florida and Minnesota responded that they also had seen the ads in their local newspapers.

Liaugminas worried that the ad “could further confuse people who don’t already know or understand what the Catholic Church teaches on issues of utmost importance not only in elections, but in our common life as a nation.” The Catholic Church strongly opposes abortion because it takes the life of an innocent human being in the womb who was created in God’s image.

“Catholics for Choice” has a reputation for deception, and a number of Catholic bishops have denounced it for describing itself as “Catholic.”