39-Year-Old Defends Aborting Her Baby for Birth Control: “Hard to Accept” Not Going on Vacation

Opinion   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Sep 12, 2016   |   3:27PM   |   Washington, DC

The abortion industry has succeeded in convincing so many women that having an abortion was a good thing for them. And the industry does it by leaving out one key factor in the whole issue – the unborn child.

Such seems to be the case with Jennie O’Sullivan, who initially was excited when she found herself unexpectedly pregnant at age 39. In a column for the Telegraph, O’Sullivan said she was married, had three children, a job and a good life.

“… I told my mother and close friends. I couldn’t wait to feel the baby moving around. I had a name in mind,” she wrote. “But as time went on, reality set in. I began to feel out of control and tearful.”

O’Sullivan began to let her fears overwhelm her. She thought about the extra expense and time caring for a fourth child. She thought about having less time for her son who has autism and her aging parents. She thought about her husband who wasn’t thrilled with the idea of another child. And she thought about putting off vacations and time for herself even further in the future.



“A baby is expensive,” she continued. “It sounds shallow, but our money is spent on the children that we have. We live in a three-bedroom house and the two younger boys share. … It sounds selfish, but the thought of it being another 16 years before Kevin and I could go on holiday by ourselves was also hard to accept. I started to get more and more anxious and depressed.”

The only person who she didn’t consider was her unborn child and the life that he or she already had begun inside her womb, or the abortion that would destroy that precious, valuable human being in a cruel, barbaric way.

Eleven weeks into the pregnancy, she aborted her unborn child at a Marie Stopes abortion facility in England. She said she looked away when they performed the ultrasound, and she “kept breaking down” in tears. If she had looked, she probably would have seen how much her unborn child looked like a baby already. By 11 weeks, an unborn baby’s heart is beating, and all their major organs are in place. She may even have seen her child sucking his/her thumb.

Despite feelings of dread, O’Sullivan went through with it. When the abortion was over, she said she felt relieved.

She continued:

In a way, it would have been easier to stay pregnant. My older son knew too. I went into his bedroom and said, ‘We’re not keeping the baby.’ I think he’d been secretly excited; it was hard for him to understand. He wouldn’t look at me. There was nothing else said.

A month or two afterwards, I did go through a stage of regretting my decision. I know I’ll always think about this. A friend had a baby at 40 – mine would have been born around the same time. Every now and then, I work out how old they would be now.

Kevin would have gone along with whatever I wanted. If he’d desperately wanted another baby, he wouldn’t have been scared to have that conversation. He’d have talked me round, and perhaps things might have been different. But I look at our life now and think it was the right thing to do.

We can get on with giving our three children the best start in life. And we can enjoy each other. If we want to pop to the cinema, or go for something to eat, we can.

O’Sullivan went so far as to say that an abortion can be a “brave, selfless decision.” It’s difficult to understand how anyone can believe that unless they reject the facts about life in the womb. The abortion industry constantly lies to women about their unborn children, telling them that it’s just a blob of tissue or that no one knows when life begins.

These are outright lies. Scientific evidence has long pointed to the moment of conception as the point when life begins. Medical textbooks, doctors and even some abortion supporters agree that an abortion destroys a human life.

O’Sullivan’s baby was a valuable human being, and she seemed to instinctively know that. Unfortunately, the lies of the abortion industry have become so pervasive that many women are deceived into denying reality and buying a product that destroys their baby’s life – and sometimes theirs, too.