Chile Senate Committee Approves Bill to Legalize Abortion as “Christian” Senator Votes Yes

International   |   Dan Zeidler   |   Sep 7, 2016   |   7:01PM   |   Santiago, Chile

After weeks of discussions in the Chilean Senate Health Committee, Senator Carolina Goic, president of the Chilean Christian Democrat Party (CD) and president of the Health Committee, yesterday voted to break a tie to pass the government’s abortion bill on a 3 – 2 vote.

The abortion bill now goes to the Senate Committee on the Constitution for  further consideration. The government is urging quick action.

“We had a bit of hope that the CD  would defend life instead of the pro-abortion agenda of President Bachelet, but Senator Goic’s vote was extremely upsetting,” lamented Elizabeth Bunster, coordinator of the coalition Chile es Vida.

Before giving her decisive vote, Senator Goic stated, “I am against the legalization of abortion, but here we are talking about exceptional  cases.”

“In spite of this assertion of Senator Goic, the bill not only decriminalizes abortion in a number of cases, it really is a legalization, even requiring certain health personal to participate in abortions against their will,” stated Bunster.

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Archbishop Fernando Chomali of Concepcion following yesterday’s vote said, “This is a sad day for Chile. The scientific evidence was ignored that recognizes the right of the human being in the womb to have his or her life respected, and that the Constitution protects the life of the unborn child. We will continue giving our arguments so that this law does not go forward.”

The vote came even after 100,000 pro-life people marched through the streets of Santiago to oppose it.