Abortion Activist: Vote for Hillary Because Clinton “Has Been a Champion of Planned Parenthood”

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Sep 6, 2016   |   12:17PM   |   Washington, DC

Planned Parenthood. It’s American’s biggest abortion company, aborting 330,000 unborn babies a year. It’s covered up cases of statutory rape, it’s engaged in millions and millions of dollars of Medicaid fraud, and it’s sold the body parts of unborn babies.

If those are all good things to you, apparently that’s reason enough according to one abortion activists to vote for Hillary Clinton. In a new interview with a University of North Carolina newspaper, Emily’s List president Stephanie Schriock talked about what a Clinton presidency means — abortion, abortions and more abortion.

DTH: Beyond not rebuilding the barriers, what progress does Hillary Clinton achieve if elected?

SS: Let’s stick with the conversation on full access to women’s healthcare in the country. The Clinton Campaign has been a champion of Planned Parenthood. She wants to get us out of the conversation of defending Planned Parenthood and actually has said we should expand Planned Parenthood in this country. That would mean so much for millions and millions of women across the country.

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Electing Hillary also means forcing taxpayers to fund abortions, something Schriocjk readily admits.

She also has talked about getting rid of the Hyde Amendment, which prevents any federal dollars going to access to abortion for women in this country. We need to have a debate about this and we haven’t had a debate in this country for a very long time.

She also wants Hillary because it means packing the Supreme Court and other courts with more abortion activists.

But you did bring up an incredibly important role in this election coming up and that is the United States Supreme Court, and all of the courts in this country. We have an opening on our United States Supreme Court. This seat has been open longer than any other seat — why? Because of the pure obstruction of the Republican Senate not doing their job to have a vote. The president did his job. He nominated somebody. Now they’re supposed to do their job. And the other justices could be retiring in the years to come and will be at some point. What kind of leader we want in the White House and what kind of leadership we want in the Senate will determine what that judicial branch looks like.

And we already know that Trump and Pence have made it clear that they’re not going to put in a justice that stands for Roe v. Wade.