Abortion Doc Who Was So Bad Other States Banned Him is Illegally Running Clinics in New Jersey

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Aug 25, 2016   |   11:39AM   |   Trenton, NJ

One of the East Coast’s most notorious abortionists is being accused this week of illegally running abortion clinics in New Jersey.

Abortionist Steven Chase Brigham has an extensive history of disciplinary measures for skirting state laws, botching abortions, injuring women and killing late-term unborn babies in states along the East Coast. A handful of states have revoked his license to practice medicine there.

This week, New Jersey Attorney General’s Office charged Brigham with illegally running several abortion facilities in the state after he lost his license to practice medicine there, the Asbury Park Press reports.

In addition to revoking his license, “the state ordered him to divest of all financial interest in the chain of clinics,” according to the report. “The physician purported to sign over interests to another doctor who performed abortions at the clinic and then became a medical director after the state suspended Brigham’s license, the state alleges.”

That physician is Vikram H. Kaji, an abortionist who works for Brigham’s American Women’s Services abortion chain. In 2015, Kaji testified in front of a state board that he was not the owner of the abortion group and that Brigham still “runs the show,” according to the report.

“It was just a technical paper transaction so the business could go on,” Kaji testified under oath.

Paul Loriquet , a spokesman for the state attorney general, said they do not think that Brigham was performing abortions in New Jersey, but he was illegally managing the abortion chain behind the scenes.

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“We are arguing that the transfer of ownership was a sham and that through the management services agreement, Brigham is still exerting control over the practice that ought to be exercised by an owner,’’ Loriquet said.

Brigham attempted similar schemes in the past. In Pennsylvania, he was caught running a Philadelphia abortion facility in 2013 after the state took his license away and prohibited him from any involvement in abortion facilities. The state shut down the facility after learning of Brigham’s involvement, LifeNews reported.

Here is more from the local news report:

The recent investigation into the control of the 14 clinics is tied to a complaint New Jersey filed against a physician affiliated with Brigham — Vikram H. Kaji — an 80-year old board certified obstetrician and gynecologist, who has served as medical director at all clinic locations.

Brigham began the abortion process in a South Jersey clinic then directed women — or had his staff drive them — to a clinic he owned in Maryland where the surgical part of the procedure would be performed. However, he was not licensed to conduct surgeries after the first trimester. In advanced cases, they have to be performed in hospitals and he doesn’t have admitting privileges or special qualifications, like residency training, which is required under New Jersey state law, officials said.

One patient from South Carolina claimed in a 2015 lawsuit against Brigham, Kaji and others that in 2012 she underwent a failed non-surgical abortion at an American Women’s Services-affiliated clinic in Frederick, Maryland. resulting in the birth of a child more than 10 weeks premature, with hearing loss, developmental delays,  heart defects and other problems.

On Aug. 5, Judge J. Frederick Motz granted the woman a $6.5 million judgment against Brigham, Kaji and the other defendants.

Brigham is appealing New Jersey officials’ decision to revoke his medical license, his attorney told reporters.

Despite his disgraceful reputation, Brigham still runs more than a dozen abortion facilities in three East Coast states: Maryland, New Jersey and Virginia, according to his business website.

In April, Virginia health inspectors discovered more than 52 pages of violations at another Brigham-run abortion facility, LifeNews reported. State health officials later shut down that facility.

In 2011, Maryland prosecutors charged Brigham with murdering viable late-term babies at a secret abortion clinic; however, the charges were dropped because some said he had killed the unborn babies in New Jersey instead. The state also closed several of Brigham’s clinics in 2013 after discovering repeated health and safety violations that put women in danger, LifeNews reported.