“Our Abortion Culture Steals The Grief Of Miscarriage,” Says Woman Who Lost Her Baby

Opinion   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Aug 24, 2016   |   9:57AM   |   Washington, DC

When NARAL President Ilyse Hogue stood on the Democratic National Convention stage this summer and bragged about aborting her child who came into being at “the wrong time,” how many women listened and shed a few silent tears for their own missing unborn babies?

Abortion activists like Hogue are trying to convince the American public that abortions should be accepted and even celebrated as a right that empowers women. Their celebration of death has become hard to escape as they push their pro-abortion agenda in movies and the media and through story-telling.

They give little, if any thought, to the impact their campaign is having on the millions of women who are grieving the loss of their own unborn children. Some of these women had a choice in the matter; they chose to abort their unborn child and later regretted it. Others have had no choice at all.

Constance T. Hull had no choice when she lost four of her five children in miscarriages. In a column for The Federalist, she explained how the pro-abortion culture steals the grief of miscarriage from thousands of mothers like herself.

“Miscarriage comes with deep anguish and grief. I know, because I have just suffered my fourth,” Hull wrote. “Those of us who have experienced a miscarriage, or recurrent miscarriage, largely grieve in the shadows or behind closed doors. We live in a culture that tells us we have not lost a child, but a blob of tissue.”

It’s easier to promote and sell abortions if the public believes that an unborn child is nothing more than a worthless blob of tissue. Hogue certainly never mentioned that her abortion involved a “child.”

Despite the deceptive rhetoric, Hull said society should know better.

“We can cover it up. We can veil the truth in secrecy, but ask any mother or father who has lost a child to miscarriage, and they will tell you they lost a child,” she wrote.

Hull said she recently suffered her fourth miscarriage. She spent years waiting after her third miscarriage, hoping that her body would recover enough to welcome a child for nine months. When she became pregnant, she quickly began a series of hormone treatments to help her unborn child survive. A few days after hearing her baby’s heartbeat, however, she began bleeding. In the emergency room, doctors told her that her unborn baby had died.

She wrote:

My pain, sorrow, grief, and anguish are not over a blob of tissue. I do not cry because my body is expelling blood and clots. I grieve the loss of my child. I am sorrowful over the loss of four unique, incredible, and deeply loved children. My soul and body were united to each of my children from conception. Seeing the heartbeat on the screen of my most recent child filled me with the greatest love, gratitude, and amazement. There was a human child capable of greatness and tremendous love present from the very beginning.

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It is a lie that my grief is unwarranted. The world’s greatest deception today is the dehumanization of the unborn. Of course they are human. That is scientific fact, but even beyond the science, mothers and fathers know they have lost a child when there is a miscarriage. The grief is just as powerful and intense as the loss of any child born full-term.

Miscarriage has been largely shut out of public discussion, because our experiences betray the lies of the abortion lobby. We know the loss of a child or children. No level of cognitive dissonance can take away the truth. Mothers who have bled out their own child know better.

Every week on LifeNews’s Facebook page, we hear from women like Hull who are grieving their unborn children as a result of miscarriages. These women often express intense pain, anger and sorrow as they read about abortion activists like Hogue – abortion activists who want people to accept and celebrate their “choice” to kill their unborn children for any reason and at any time in the pregnancy. Many of these women feel that their grief and, more importantly, their children’s lives are being minimized because they reveal the truth about abortion.

Fortunately, through LifeNews, social media and other outlets, many of these mothers are countering the pro-abortion campaigns by sharing photos and stories of their unborn babies. These courageous, grieving mothers are demonstrating how babies in the womb are valuable human beings and why they deserve to live.

Enough unborn babies die of natural causes every year, leaving countless mothers and fathers in mourning. Our society does not need the added losses of these precious unborn lives to abortion.