Pro-Life Activist: “Decapitating Children in Abortion is The Same as ISIS Brutalizing People”

Opinion   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Aug 23, 2016   |   9:10AM   |   Washington, DC

A liberal news outlet bashed pro-life Liberty Counsel Chairman Mat Staver this week after he exposed the brutality of abortion by likening it to terrorists.

Staver recently spoke during a pro-life event in April for the Pennsylvania group People Concerned for the Unborn Child, and some of his remarks were videotaped and published on YouTube.

A lawyer and professor, Staver discussed the horrific human rights abuse of abortion. He explained how some abortion procedures decapitate and dismember unborn children in the womb in painful, gruesome ways.

Staver compared these horrendous abuses to those being perpetrated by ISIS and other terrorist groups.

“Because we’re decapitating children, we’re breaking off their arms and legs, we’re brutalizing them in the same way that these larger people are being brutalized by ISIS,” Staver said.

“God cannot continue to allow this country to exist under those kinds of circumstances,” he continued. “He cannot bless America under those kinds of circumstances. I want God’s blessing on this country, but He cannot bless this country when we’re going down this path of destruction of the people who are created in his very image.”

Abortion procedures are horrific. A new video project by Live Action is educating people about the gruesome nature of the various abortion procedures. In a dilation and evacuation abortion, or D&E, for example, the abortionist dilates the woman’s cervix then uses instruments to dismember the living unborn baby, tearing his/her body limb from limb and then extracting the parts from the uterus.

But abortion activists were angry at Staver’s comparison. The pro-abortion website TroFire published a piece this week calling his remarks “preposterous.”

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“Staver is conveniently ignoring the fact that abortions affect fetuses, unborn humans without the ability to survive outside of the womb. Calling them ‘children’ is a much more emotional term,” the website argued.

The TroFire writer hints that viability is when an unborn human being should be protected, but other abortion supporters disagree. Some say it’s when the baby is born or takes its first breath or the umbilical cord is cut. One U.S. Senator even infamously claimed that it isn’t until the baby goes home from the hospital.

Pro-lifers think that human life should be protected from the moment it begins, and scientific evidence confirmed long ago that life begins at the moment of conception.

It is interesting that the pro-abortion website mentions “unborn humans.” Abortion activists like to talk about human rights for women and minorities and people of different sexual orientations; but when it comes to unborn babies, they say that being a human is not enough.