Photo of Mom Holding Newborn Baby Born on an Airplane at 36,000 Feet Goes Viral

International   |   Emily Derois   |   Aug 19, 2016   |   6:40PM   |   Manilla, Philippines

After a mother gave birth on a flight to the Philippines, another airline passenger snapped a photo of her holding her newborn baby for the first time. The touching picture has recently gone viral, ABC News reported.

The extent to which the passengers and crew went to help the mother and child is a beautiful example of how every baby’s life should be treated.

It was Aug. 14 when the expectant mother went into labor. Four hours after leaving the Dubai International Airport, she gave birth to the premature 32-week baby girl, according to the report. Fortunately, the flight crew and two registered nurses who were also making the flight were there to help deliver the newborn. The front cabin became a makeshift delivery room while flying at the altitude of 36,000 feet. Fellow passengers who had infants kindly provided the newborn with baby clothes.

The plane also switched course and took the mother and her baby to India to receive proper medical attention, ABC reported.

A member of the flight’s lead cabin crew recounted the occasion: “Throughout my 11 years of flying, this is certainly the most special. Our team was calm and collected and did what they were trained to do to help.”



In a special message meant for the mother, he added: “…we are blessed to have been an instrument in your safe delivery. You will always be my most memorable passenger.”

The airline staff were so moved by the experience, they generously gave the mother and her child one million “go points” to use for free flights, the report states.

The woman who took the moving photo, Missy Berberabe Umandal, told reporters: “It was such [a] heartening moment. Mothers don’t get as much credit as they do, and that mother who gave birth on a plane was truly a wonder[ful] woman.”

Umandel went on to say: “Witnessing that event has changed me in more ways than one. I wanted to be able to touch the lives of others by narrating a story of how a miracle came to be.”