Touching Moment: 3 Days Before She Died, Terminally Ill Woman Watches Daughter’s Ultrasound

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Aug 16, 2016   |   9:56AM   |   Washington, DC

Just three days before she died, a terminally ill grandmother was given the opportunity to meet her unborn grandchild over a Colorado hospital’s ultrasound screen.

The Daily Mail reports Taylor Masilotti of Westminster, Colorado and her mother, Donna Callender, had planned to go to Taylor’s 20-week ultrasound appointment together; but before the date arrived, Donna was hospitalized with stage 4 brain and lung cancer.

Too weak to attend her daughter’s appointment, Donna had the ultrasound brought to her. Taylor arranged for her 20-week ultrasound to be done in her mother’s hospital room, according to the report. A video of the family shows Donna and Taylor side by side on a hospital bed as the ultrasound is performed.

The video shows them watching the baby move on the ultrasound screen as the medical staffer points out hands, eyes and the umbilical cord. At one point, they can see the baby smiling. Then comes the news of the baby’s sex.

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“Are you ready? You have a daughter,” the staffer tells the family.

“No way!” Donna responds and then pats her daughter lovingly.

Three days later, Donna died from her battle with cancer, the report states. Afterward, Taylor posted the video on Facebook with this message:
“Wednesday afternoon was one of my forever favorite memories I got to share with my mom. I got to lay next to her, hold her hand and cry happy tears while we found out the gender of the baby. I can’t thank the hospital enough for allowing this to happen. For allowing me to create my last memory with my mom !! I am forever grateful ! I love you so much xoxo”

More than 2.4 million people have watched the heartbreaking video online. Taylor said she named her baby Stella Kay, sharing the same middle name as Donna.