Abortion Rethink Campaign in Australia Focuses on How Abortion Hurts Women, Kills Babies

International   |   Australian Family Association   |   Aug 16, 2016   |   6:07PM   |   Sydney, Australia

The Abortion Rethink campaign team has commissioned a song to be composed and dance routine choreographed for the purpose of artistically highlighting some of the concerns around abortion.

The lyrics take us through the various perspectives of some of those impacted, but particularly those of the woman, her partner and the pre born baby.

They call on both those who govern our State and our community at large to listen to the voices of those so negatively impacted by abortion. They ask them to search for better, more supportive responses to circumstances around unplanned or complicated pregnancy other than compounding people’s problems with providing abortion up to term with no reason.

After this performance, the rally team will present a line-up of real women sharing their real stories about abortion (some of which already can be viewed at www.AbortionRethink.org).

The Abortion Rethink campaign team hope that MPs will be moved by both the careful creativity of the occasion as well as each person’s attendance at the rally –people who will have taken time off work, or have taken buses in from regional Queensland, each to represent at least another thousand in our community already affected by abortion.

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A video of the occasion then will be made available to share as part of a countdown until the Queensland Parliament Health, Communities, Disability Services and Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Committee hands down its report on the 26th of this month.

When:  1:30 to 2pm, Tuesday, 16 August, 2016

Where: Outside Queensland Parliament House

Media Liaison: Cath Smibert 0415 397 618