Planned Parenthood Said It Would Stop Making Money Selling Aborted Baby Parts, Is It Lying?

National   |   Emily Derois   |   Aug 15, 2016   |   10:45AM   |   Washington, DC

A recent article published in The Hill examines Planned Parenthood’s association with the federally-sponsored Birth Defects Research Lab (BDRL) in Washington state. The BDRL is operated by the University of Washington, and has been held as the standard model of Planned Parenthood’s fetal tissue (aborted babies’ body parts) transactions, according to the report.

However, Planned Parenthood is currently using a lawsuit to prevent anyone from accessing the communication and documentation between the two companies, according to the Center for Medical Progress.

The article’s author is Center for Medical Progress leader David Daleiden, the man behind the 2015 undercover investigation on Planned Parenthood’s selling of aborted baby parts. Daleiden explained that he “sent a public records request under the Washington State Public Records Act to the University of Washington, seeking documents and communications concerning ‘the purchase, transfer, or procurement of human fetal tissues, human fetal organs, and/or human fetal cell products.’”

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This information is vital as it would reveal the amount of money exchanged between BDRL and the Planned Parenthood Greater Washington & North Idaho (PPGWNI), he said. The documentation would show if there were any additional costs for the abortion clinics, and if Planned Parenthood was reimbursed by the BDRL. It would also show if any abortion procedures were changed to procure more valuable body parts.

The Washington state program is a key component of the abortion group’s aborted baby parts transactions. In October of 2015, Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards sent a letter to director of the National Institutes of Health, Dr. Francis Collins, after the first undercover videos were released. In the letter, she stated that all Planned Parenthood affiliates would henceforth imitate the PPFWNI model and not receive any payment for the provided baby parts.

However, it is unclear what the Washington state affiliate’s model is. The abortion affiliate filed a lawsuit on Aug. 3 to suppressed the release of documents that could show whether the affiliate’s model is selling aborted baby parts for profit or changing the abortion procedure to better harvest certain body parts.

Daleiden explained the basis of Planned Parenthood’s lawsuit: “They have recruited eight anonymous plaintiffs to assert–entirely falsely–that my public records request seeks the personal contact information of UW, Planned Parenthood, and other associated employees. My public records request nowhere seeks any one individual contact information whatsoever.”

As Daleiden pointed out, if the abortion business does not have anything to hide, it would not need to conceal documentation.

The Center for Medical Progress said in a statement, “The American people, whose tax dollars make this entire barbaric industry possible, deserve to know the truth.”