Nurse Let Baby Die Who Was Born Alive After an Abortion: “We Put It in a Basin and Wait”

National   |   Emily Derois   |   Aug 12, 2016   |   1:31PM   |   Washington, DC

In a 2015 report a French midwife tells her story of encountering a baby born alive after an abortion attempt, Live Action News reported. The report was released by the European Centre for Law and Justice with the intent of educating the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe on what happens to babies who survive their abortions.

It was the first day of her new internship in the maternity department. The midwife, identified only as M.J., was with a male nurse when they were given rolled up white sheets from a recent abortion. They were instructed to check for any instruments before putting the sheets in the laundry.

M.J. and the male nurse were shocked to discover a living baby rapped in the sheet.

“We opened the sheet, removed all the compresses and discovered a lot of clotted blood: we discovered within the blood, a mass, that was a fetus, and he was still breathing. We were shocked,” the M.J. said.

When another nurse came in, they told her about the baby. The nurse simply told them to “put it in a basin, and wait!”

While waiting the midwife and nursing student recognized the humanity of the little baby and agreed that they needed to do something. So they cleaned his body and put on a cloth diaper before again putting him on the tray.

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When another nurse entered, they questioned her: “‘What happened to the mother? ‘She did what she had to do to abort and lost a lot of blood by expelling the fetus. She is now in the operating room and it is unclear if she will make it!’ My colleague and I stayed near the fetus who was breathing heavily with increasing spaces between each breathe. It felt like time had stopped. We were there to look at him, this little living being, talking to him and stroking his little body through the drape for 45 minutes at least. … He finally stopped breathing and we left him on his tray.”

Most infants born alive in abortion facilities aren’t even cleaned or swaddled. Instead, they are killed or left to die alone in a clinic filled with medical personnel.

We do know that some babies have survived abortions, but we don’t know how many children are killed outside of the womb in American abortion clinics. However, stories told by abortion workers paint a clear picture that children sometimes are born alive and then are cruelly killed or left to die. Inside or outside of the womb, these heartbreaking stories reveal that every baby deserves to be protected under the law.


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