After Aborting Twins, She “Fights Depression and Anger to This Day”

Opinion   |   Emily Derois   |   Aug 12, 2016   |   5:07PM   |   Washington, DC

“Today is a day I hate myself,” a post-abortive mother revealed when telling her abortion story. Last month, The Atlantic published the online article written by an anonymous mother. The story reveals her intense regret after aborting twins.

The mother begins by describing her difficulties with her prior pregnancies. During the second pregnancy the father urged her to abort, however she refused. In the last trimester the diabetic mother became pre-eclampsic. After her baby boy was born, she began hemorrhaging. She writes that her heart stopped beating for several minutes.

After two frightening pregnancies, the author’s concerned family were against her having other children. However, over a year later she was pregnant again. Her Obgyn warned her that she might not survive if she tried to carry the baby to full term. Despite her concern, the mother told the doctor that she did not want an abortion.

The author described the moment that changed her mind regarding the proposed abortion: “Well I went home that night scared but determined—until my almost 3-year-old-daughter and 1-and-1/2-year-old son climbed into my lap for bedtime stories and my daughter said she loved me and I needed to stay. Where that came from I don’t know, as I had told no one at that time about my doctor visit. I silently cried and hugged my babies and told them momma was going nowhere.”



So she scheduled the appointment and had a medical abortion.

“That night, I hurt not just physically but emotionally,” she explained. “The physical pain and bleeding began to scare me and I called the doctor to see if it was normal. That’s when the doctor broke it to me that I was pregnant with twins and that the bleeding would be heavier. My heart broke even more.”

The author described the regret and emotional anguish she has lived with since the abortion. She stated that she sees “the faces of what my babies might have looked like when I see my surviving children.”

Scientists have discovered a strong link between abortion and emotional trauma. This is demonstrated in a study performed by Professor of Human Development, Priscilla K. Coleman. According to the study, a woman who has an abortion faces an 81% increase in her chance of developing mental health issues. Furthermore, a study by the University of Otago revealed that over 85% of the 500 women interviewed stated they had negative reactions from their abortion. These reactions included regret, grief, and guilt.

Abortion wreaks havoc on a woman’s mental health. The weight of her decision often causes a lifetime of regret and negative psychological effects. The mother ended her story with the statement that every woman should have abortion as an option, however she warns that it “comes with a price.”