Mother Aborts “Mermaid” Baby After She Learned Baby Was Growing a “Tail” Instead of Legs

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Aug 11, 2016   |   5:58PM   |   Beijing, China

In yet another sign of the world’s discriminatory treatment of people with disabilities, a young Chinese mother chose to abort her late-term baby after learning the child had a rare disorder known as Mermaid Syndrome.

The Daily Mail reports the 23-year-old woman discovered the rare condition during her six month prenatal scan. The ultrasound scan revealed that unborn child had a tail-like growth rather than two legs, according to the report. The unborn baby also did not have a bladder and his/her liver was stunted, according to doctors. The report did not indicate whether the baby was male or female.

The condition is known as sirenomelia but sometimes is referred to as “Mermaid Syndrome.” Doctors predicted that the young woman’s baby would not live long outside the womb. Some children with sirenomelia do live longer. An American girl named Shiloh Pepin who had the same rare condition lived for 10 years before she died, according to the report.

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LifeNews has reported on numerous cases where unborn babies were aborted or their parents were pressured to abort them because of a malformation, disease or genetic disorder. Some doctors even are recommending abortion for unborn babies with minor, correctable problems like cleft lips, in a growing push to throw away “imperfect” babies.

Once society starts devaluing some human lives, it quickly heads down a slippery slope toward devaluing every human life. Pro-lifers are trying to counter the eugenic push by teaching people that every human life is precious and valuable for no other reason than that they are a human being. The length of a child’s life or their abilities make no difference.  Every human being deserves to be treated with the same care and respect because every human being is valuable.