Donald Trump: “Hillary Clinton Will be Worse Than Barack Obama. You Know It”

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Aug 11, 2016   |   12:21PM   |   Washington, DC

During a rally in Virginia last night, Republican presidential candidate mentioned something pro-life voters fear — a Hillary Clinton presidency. Although he was talking about another political issue, Trump said something pro-life voters fear — namely, that a Clinton presidency will be far worse than the two terms under pro-abortion President Barack Obama.

Here’s his comments and video of the remarks:

“Amazing. It was really amazing. These are great people. They’re great Americans. They love this country. And if I get in, if I get in, I mean — it’s if I get in, this is what it is. OK? (Cheering and Applause) And — and, all forms of energy — all forms of energy. But what they’ve done to the miners is incredible, and the Obama Administration.

And you remember, and I think you might have just seen it. You know, what they’ve done and — nobody knows. You know, clean coal? Nobody knows why. You look at what’s happening with China; the amount of energy they are producing and what they’re using coal for, tremendous amounts of — just tremendous, it’s like incredible and they’re not cleaning it. Believe me, they’re not cleaning it.

We have a small, a very, very small planet compared to the universe, right? And that stuff is going up and they’re not cleaning it. And here we produce great stuff and we’re not allowed to use it and it is getting worse and worse. So, they’re going to be out of business soon. Hillary Clinton will be worse than Obama. You know it, she’ll be worse.” (Cheering and Applause)

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When it comes to the issue of abortion, Clinton will be worse than Obama — if only because she is actively campaigning to overturn the Hyde Amendment and force Americans to fund hundreds of thousands of abortions each and every year.

Pro-life writer Dave Andrusko explained how Hillary would be worse:

Surely it is understandable if a pro-lifer might come to the conclusion that, in effect, if you’ve seen one pro-abortion President, you’ve seen them all. They could be forgiven if they asked themselves, could Hillary Clinton possibly be any different –any worse–than her husband, former President Bill Clinton, or the current pro-abortion occupant, Barack Obama? After all both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama are pro-abortion to the core.

But unless you understand the progression–in our view, the degeneration–of leading Democrats’ position on abortion and how she represents the nexus for the intersection of the International Abortion Industry, you can’t fully appreciate how devastating a President Hillary Clinton would be.

In the administration of a President Hillary Clinton, PPFA et al. won’t just have access. You can bet a slew of its key leaders will not only advise on policy but also be in appointed positions where they can make policy.

To the International Abortion Industry, near the top of the wish list is securing an international right to abortion. With this as a battering ram, the already aggressive campaign against protective abortion laws would take on new urgency and new deadliness against countries in South America, Africa, and elsewhere.

A major goal of a President Hillary Clinton would be to secure an international “right” to abortion.

At home Hillary Clinton hates the Hyde Amendment, hates it with a passion. At least a million people are alive because of it.

A President Hillary Clinton would do her best to eliminate the Hyde Amendment which is a limitation provision within an annual appropriations bill. If successful, once again our nation would fund massive numbers of abortions.