Pro-Life Groups Want Investigation of Forced Abortion on Woman Who Was Drugged, Unconscious

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Aug 5, 2016   |   6:36PM   |   Dayton, OH

A pro-life group is calling on the State Medical Board of Ohio to investigate a doctor who performed an abortion on a woman while she appeared to be high on drugs and not competent to consent to the procedure.

The state Department of Health already investigated the 2015 incident and believes the abortionist at the Women’s Medical Center in Dayton, Ohio broke the law, The Columbus Dispatch reports. The department passed the matter along to the medical board in October 2015; and earlier this week, Dayton Right to Life also filed a complaint to the board.

According to the state investigation, a 31-year-old woman went to the abortion facility on June 10, 2015 for an evaluation and abortion consultation. She was given a dilator, six Percocet and instructions to return the next day for the abortion. On June 11, a friend brought the patient back to the abortion facility; she could not walk on her own or hold her head up, according to the report. Her speech was slurred, and she could not hold a conversation; abortion center staff said the woman showed clear signs of being high on recreational drugs, the report found.

Rather than immediately transfer her to the hospital for treatment of a drug overdose, the abortionist performed the abortion first and then sent the patient to the hospital, according to the investigation. The abortion facility staff also delayed giving her Narcan, a drug used to counter opioid overdose, until after her unborn baby was aborted, the investigation found.

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The abortion facility did not have any documentation indicating whether the patient was asked if she would like to withdraw her consent due to her altered state, according to the report. The Ohio Administrative Code 3701-83-07 (A)(2) states, “Each patient shall be allowed to refuse or withdraw consent for treatment.”

In the letter to the State Medical Board this week, Paul Coudron, executive director of Dayton RTL, wrote: “The licensed physician(s) acknowledged the risk to the patient by having staff call EMS for transport to the hospital due to overdose … (but) made sure to perform the abortion before having the patient transported for treatment and while the patient was physically and cognitively incoherent.”

It is unclear who performed the abortion. Dayton RTL filed its complaint against all three abortion doctors working at the facility: Martin Haskell, Roslyn Kade and Jeffrey Glazer.

Coudron told the medical board that the abortion doctor’s actions were a “clear act of negligence that risked the life of the patient.”

Here’s more from the Dispatch:

The woman, then 31, gave consent for the procedure on the first day she visited the clinic, when the two-day process was begun, according to the health department report from June 2015. When she returned high the next day, a doctor at the clinic consulted with two other physicians, including one at a local hospital who eventually treated her for the overdose, before performing the abortion.

To do otherwise, they concluded, could have resulted in a miscarriage or even a live premature birth because the woman already was dilated by the abortion procedure. It’s unclear how far along the woman’s pregnancy was. Ohio law allows for abortions up to 24 weeks, and she apparently was near that.

In an interview with the newspaper, the pro-abortion group NARAL dismissed the matter as nothing more than a “political witch hunt.”

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