Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinics Will Register Voters in One Room, Abort Them in Another

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Aug 5, 2016   |   6:02PM   |   Washington, DC

In one of Planned Parenthood’s newest disturbing schemes, women now can both register to vote and have their unborn babies aborted in its facilities across the country.

The Hill reports Planned Parenthood just announced its plans to begin helping people register to vote at its facilities in 45 states. The abortion group said volunteers will help patients register to vote in person or online.

The abortion group says people can register at a Planned Parenthood “regardless of their background, beliefs or political ideology”; but Planned Parenthood is hardly unbiased. It is throwing all its weight behind pro-abortion candidate Hillary Clinton for president.

In January, Planned Parenthood endorsed Clinton in its first-ever presidential primary endorsement. It recently called Clinton the “strongest” pro-abortion presidential candidate “we’ve ever seen.”

The Hill report continues:

But the campaign, which will take place in person as well as online, will likely help Democrats. Planned Parenthood patients tend to skew younger and lower-income, and many are also minorities.

Those same groups are also more likely to be affected by stricter voting laws around the country, such as new ID mandates. Planned Parenthood said the effort is intended to help “historically disenfranchised” communities that face hurdles to voting.

People can register in person at health centers, college campuses and other community health locations, as well as online.

… Planned Parenthood’s political arm has become increasingly active in this year’s election. The group plans to spend $20 million ahead of the fall election to help boost Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton as well as Democratic candidates in key Senate races in New Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

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Planned Parenthood has found its champion in Clinton, who promised them that she would repeal the Hyde Amendment and force taxpayers to fund abortions.

The abortion giant also know that the next president could have the chance to nominate up to four U.S. Supreme Court justices – and sway the political leanings of the court for decades. Clinton promised to nominate U.S. Supreme Court justices who will ensure that Roe v. Wade and abortion on demand up until birth remain the law of the land for years to come.