Pro-Life Group Endorses Donald Trump: Millions More Babies Will Die Under Hillary Clinton

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Aug 4, 2016   |   11:49AM   |   Washington, DC

Another pro-life group has endorsed Donald Trump in his presidential bid against Hillary Clinton. The Right to Life of Michigan Political Action Committee has endorsed Donald Trump for president of the United States and his running mate Mike Pence for vice president.

The pro-life group tells LifeNews that Trump has given assurances that he will govern in a pro-life manner while Hillary Clinton is devoted to defending, expanding and funding abortion.

“Donald Trump has promised support for important prolife positions, especially judges that believe in the rule of law. Indiana Governor Mike Pence has a long track record of supporting pro-life legislation, both in Indiana and in Congress,” Right to Life of Michigan said.

RLM-PAC Chairman Paul Miller said, “The stakes in this election season could not be higher. Every year, more than one million lives are lost to abortion. We face a choice between allowing people to have a say on abortion laws or entrenching abortion-on-demand through court order for years.”

Miller told LifeNews that Trump said he came to his prolife views after watching a friend go through a crisis pregnancy and choose life. Trump released a list of potential U.S. Supreme Court justices that was widely praised by prolife organizations and other groups that believe judges shouldn’t rule by decree. Trump said he would defund the nation’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, and sign a ban on late-term abortions into law.

Miller said, “Trump’s campaign theme has been about giving the people a voice again. When it comes to abortion, people don’t have a say because unelected and biased judges dictate what the law will be.”

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Miller said Clinton, and her running mate Tim Kaine both support abortion-on-demand through all nine months of pregnancy. Clinton has said any judge she appoints must support abortion-on-demand. Clinton has been a long-time supporter of partial-birth abortion, a barbaric procedure now outlawed throughout the country. She has called for repealing the federal Hyde Amendment, which would result in forcing every taxpayer to pay for abortions.

“Clinton’s positions on abortion are truly radical. They are shared by very few Americans, but unfortunately by many judges. She would appoint the kind of justices who believe partial-birth abortion–brutally killing a baby in the process of birth–is as fundamental a right as things like free speech and a free press,” he said.

The pro-life group says the future of the U.S. Supreme Court hangs in the balance following the death of Antonin Scalia. It’s believed there are currently three votes to overturn Roe v. Wade, and the next president could appoint as many as three justices to the Court, RLM added.

The Michigan pro-life leader concluded: “Most Americans support bans on taxpayer funding of abortions, late-term abortion bans and parental consent requirements. A vote for Trump is a vote to protect these popular laws and potentially overturn Roe v. Wade. The people could finally have a voice and a vote on the issue of abortion again. A vote for Clinton is a vote for unelected judges who substitute their own personal opinions for those of the voters. Clinton will force people to pay for abortions and threaten basic conscience protections.”