The Moment a Terminally Ill Mom Got Her Dying Wish: Spending Time With Her Dog

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Aug 1, 2016   |   7:12PM   |   Brazilia, Brazil

In a world where euthanasia is continuously being pushed, it is encouraging to see people go to great lengths to honor those who are terminally ill and remind them that their lives still matter.

A moving video on YouTube is highlighting how a dying Brazilian woman’s family and the hospital staff created a special moment for her and her beloved pet dog before she died.

Rebane Chili, 49, had been battling cancer for a long time when she decided to discontinue the cancer treatment and allow nature to take its course, according to The Daily Mail. She told her family that her final wish before she died was to see her dog, Ritchie, one more time.

Rebane was not able to see her dog at all while she was in the hospital, but before she died, the hospital staff created a special exception for her and Ritchie. Here’s more from the report:

Her son James took Ritchie in a taxi to see his owner for a final cuddle.

The patient convinced doctors to organise a final reunion, and tear-jerking footage shows the canine overjoyed to see her again after so long.

Brown-haired Ritchie leaps onto Rebane in footage that has gone viral on social media.

The meeting takes place in a special room due to security reasons, after approval by the hospital’s Palliative Care Group, reports

Wearing an oxygen mask the owner strokes her dog, who appears determined to stay resolute by Rebane, painfully unaware it will be their last meeting.

Surrounded by her family, she is delighted to pet her dog during the farewell meeting.

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The video of their reunion has more than a quarter of a million views. It shows the dog clearly excited, licking and nuzzling Rebane as she pets and talks to it happily.

Hospital psychologist Barbara Heck said everyone noticed a big change in Rebane’s mood when she was reunited with her dog.

“She … was able to express herself and became more talkative, more active,” Heck said. “Every time we think about the quality of life, we think of relationships. It is to be with those people, relatives and dear friends, as in this case.”