Abortion Activists Keep Denying Abortion Hurts Women With Link to Breast Cancer

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jul 29, 2016   |   7:10PM   |   Austin, TX

Every surgical procedure, every drug comes with possible risks, but abortion activists constantly fight laws requiring that abortion facilities inform women of the possible risks of abortion.

The latest fight is playing out in Texas, where the state requires that abortion facilities provide women with an informed consent booklet before they have an abortion. The booklet, A Woman’s Right to Know, provides crucial information about a woman’s rights and pregnancy options, according to Texas Right to Life. It covers topics like the risks associated with elective abortion, facts about fetal development, and alternatives to abortion. It also has a resource directory with information about adoption, maternal assistance programs, pregnancy resource centers and other social service options.

Now, Texas plans to update the booklet, and the proposed revisions have abortion activists upset.

CBS News reports pro-abortion groups in Texas are angry that the booklet contains information about how abortions can increase a woman’s risk of breast cancer and depression. Abortion activists have been denying these risks for years, despite a growing number of studies showing links.

Alexa Garcia-Ditta, a Texas NARAL spokeswoman, told CBS: “This is driven by political ideology and not science. It requires doctors to give their patients misinformation.”

Her group also is upset by revisions that cite research showing how unborn babies can feel pain by 20 weeks of pregnancy, and the replacement of the words “embryo” and “fetus” with “your baby.” Abortion activists even claimed that the informed consent booklet is bad because women claim to have been traumatized after reading the information.

The pro-abortion group said it teamed up with other abortion groups to generate more than 5,000 comments to the state, critical of the revisions and the booklet as a whole.

Texas Right to Life said the information is accurate, scientifically-based and strongly pro-life.

“Abortionists won’t tell women the truth about their life-affirming options, the development of the preborn child, or the risks involved in abortions.  That’s why Texas MUST keep this information in the A Woman’s Right to Know booklet given to women 24 hours before their abortions,” the organization wrote in a blog post Friday.

Texas RTL said the booklet contains important information about the life-affirming alternatives and resources available to women and their babies. The pro-life group also urged pro-lifers to send comments to the state and recommend additional changes. They include:

1) Add clear and prominent language that no one can legally force her to abort and how she may receive help if being physically harmed or threatened;

2) Add references to studies finding a likely correlation between abortion and higher risk of breast cancer;

3) Update the Resource Directory that goes along with the booklet to include pregnancy centers, maternity homes, adoption agencies, and social services that have opened recently.

The abortion industry regularly denies evidence that there is a link between abortion and breast cancer, infertility, preterm birth with subsequent children, depression and other health problems. They repeatedly fight state informed consent laws that require abortion facilities to inform women of these potential risks, claiming that they are not true.

However, there is mounting evidence supporting these risks. In an article at LifeNews in March, researcher Joel Brind reported a shocking new study that found a 58-percent to 108-percent increased risk of breast cancer for women who have abortions. In 2012, LifeNews reported on 12 more studies that pointed to an increased risk.

Other studies have found increased risks of infertility and preterm birth for subsequent children after at least one abortion. Still more studies have linked abortion to increased risks of depression, post-traumatic stress and drug abuse.