Here’s the Incredible Moment a Baby “Walks” From His Mother’s Womb in a “Natural Caesarian”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jul 28, 2016   |   1:55PM   |   Washington, DC

A baby boy’s unique birth experience is capturing the eyes of millions of viewers in a new viral video.

The video, posted on Facebook by British childbirth educator Sophie Messager, shows a new type of birthing procedure that is becoming popular in England, according to The Daily Mail.

It’s called a “natural cesarean,” and it involves the baby pushing itself out of the womb. In the new childbirth procedure, doctors make a small incision in the woman’s abdomen and gently ease out the baby’s head. Then the baby takes over and uses his/her legs to push, or “walk,” out of the womb. Doctors say it can take several minutes for the baby to push out of the womb.

In the video, the mother is able to watch her baby as he squirms and slowly inches his way out of the incision in her womb. At one point, the mother cries out, “Oh! Look at him!” as more of his body appears.

Sometimes the doctors gently helped the baby boy move as he pushed with his legs. When just one of his feet remained in the womb, a doctor lifted him up and fully out of the womb. Then the doctor placed him on his mother’s chest.

More than 1.6 million people have watched the video of the baby’s birth online, according to the report.

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Some mothers reportedly are having a “natural cesarean” because of health complications, but others are choosing the method over natural childbirth.

Messager, who posted the video, said the mother in the video was a friend of hers. She said the mother wanted the “natural cesarean” procedure, but her local hospital refused to do it the way she asked. Messager did not say why the hospital refused. Eventually, the mother found another hospital that was willing to perform her baby’s birth the way that she wanted.

“I especially loved watching the baby walking himself out of the womb,” Messager said. “The mother has kindly agreed for me to share the video so other women can have such a beautiful experience, too.”