Hey, #BlackLivesMatter: 360,000 Black People are Killed Every Year by Abortion

Opinion   |   Maria Gallagher   |   Jul 19, 2016   |   4:27PM   |   Washington, DC

“Hell breaks loose when you speak the truth!” So reads a meme within the pages of the electrifying book, Not Equal—Civil Rights Gone Wrong, by Radiance Foundation founder and LifeNews.com blogger Ryan Bomberger.

Some books come along at just the right time in history—and this is one of those books. At a time when people have taken to the streets to protest the deaths of black Americans, Bomberger shines a spotlight on the African-American lives that are lost each year at the hands of abortionists.

The author points out that more than 363,000 black lives are “violently slaughtered, every year, in the name of ‘reproductive justice.’” Just sit and contemplate that figure for a minute. That would be the equivalent of annihilating three moderately-sized American cities in one year.

Bomberger further poses the question, “If black lives matter, why didn’t hers?” He is referring to women such as Tonya Reeves, who he says was abandoned to bleed to death for five-and-a-half hours by an abortionist who declined to call 911.  And Lakisha Wilson, who he states was killed by a late-term abortionist who failed to act after the 22-year-old experienced a heart attack. And Qualecia James, seven months’ pregnant and the mother of a four-year-old, who “was killed by one of the leading causes of death among pregnant women—homicide.”

The author comes to his subject matter from an intriguing vantage point: He notes that he is alive “because of a birthmom who made the courageous decision to continue a traumatic pregnancy despite the violence and horror of rape.” Bomberger, who is biracial, is an adoptee who is also an adoptive father. He founded the Radiance Foundation with his wife Bethany so that “Together, we will abolish the social injustice of abortion and continually challenge a worldview that espouses some humans are not equal to others.”

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In this fearless collection of columns, Bomberger not only takes on the nation’s largest abortion operation, Planned Parenthood, but also organizations that work in concert with Planned Parenthood to promote abortion. He notes he was sued by the NAACP because he “dared to call them what they are by replacing ‘Advancement’ with ‘Abortion’ in their name because of their radical pro-abortion position and defense of the industry leader, Planned Parenthood.” The Alliance Defending Freedom fought for his civil rights in the free speech case and won.

Not Equal courageously travels into territory many others are unwilling to cross. In an open letter to Planned Parenthood chief Cecile Richards, Bomberger writes: “Your propaganda is toxic sewage. And it’s been poisoning generations of Americans to believe that your billion-dollar abortion business (funded by half a billion taxpayer dollars annually) is the savior of women and the poor.

“No amount of seeming beneficence (e.g. manual breast cancer exams) makes up for the violent mutilation of hundreds of thousands every year.”

Bomberger approaches civil rights from a boldly fresh perspective. His words are powerful and explore an all-too-often forgotten aspect of the struggle to ensure that all human beings, at all stages of life, are treated with dignity and respect.