Woman Beats Three-Month-Old Baby to Death Because She Would Not Stop Crying

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jul 15, 2016   |   3:32PM   |   Madison, WI

In a horrific case from Wisconsin, police said a woman confessed to beating her 3-month-old daughter (pictured) to death and then blaming her baby’s father, according to The Daily Mail.

Earlier this week, police said they arrested Renae Bellis (pictured), 31, of Boscobel, Wisconsin and charged her with reckless homicide and obstructing an officer. Mark T. Rand, the father of the baby girl, was arrested last Saturday after Bellis accused him of shaking the infant, but police later released him when Bellis confessed to the crime, according to the report.

Police said Bellis confessed to spanking and slapping the baby girl, Summer, in the face because she would not stop crying or take her bottle. Police said Bellis hit Summer so hard that the baby girl had bruises all over her body and “pools of blood” on her brain. The next day, Bellis found that Summer was dead, according to authorities.


Here is more from the report:

After calling police, Bellis told officers that she heard her baby ‘wailing’ the night before after Mr Rand came home from work.

According to a criminal complaint, she said she found her partner holding Summer ‘with both hands at arm’s length and shaking her’.

Instead of phoning police immediately, she said she went back to bed until the Mr Rand went to sleep, the complaint said.

Bellis then got back up and checked on Summer, discovering that she was dead, according to the police report.

She did not call the police to report the death until the next morning – July 9 – and spoke to her mother on the phone beforehand, police said.

A coroner ruled that Summer’s cause of death was a homicide by blunt force and Mr Rand was arrested.

The Washington Post reports more about the case:

The infant, she told police, “kept screaming and screaming and screaming,” according to the criminal complaint. The mother said “that she snapped and slapped her on the face,” the document states.

Bellis, police said, explained that her baby would not stop crying; so she “hit her again” and then slapped her on the buttocks.

Police said Bellis told them she used the ladybug onesie to wipe the blood from her daughter’s body.

Bellis said she then shook the child and put the child, who was still crying, in her swing; later, when she stopped crying, Bellis said, she thought she was sleeping, according to the complaint.

She said she did not tell the baby’s father what had happened.

Local police said they were shaken by the horrifying incident, according to SWNews4U.com.

“We all have worked many years in law enforcement, but any time there’s the death of a child, and even more so an infant, it affects us and it makes it very challenging,” Boscobel Police Chief Todd Stenner said during a news conference Tuesday.

Some pro-lifers believe these horrific cases are evidence of a bigger societal problem: The prevalence of abortion, child abuse, murder and other violence are indications of a society that does not value human life. While the rest of these are crimes, the violence of abortion, which results in the often painful, gruesome death of an unborn child, remains legal.