Inspection Report Shows Abortion Clinic Staffer Handled Aborted Baby Without Washing Her Hands

National   |   Emily Derois   |   Jul 15, 2016   |   1:10PM   |   Washington, DC

On Thursday, former Planned Parenthood director-turned pro-life advocate Abby Johnson publicized two more inspection reports that show the necessity of abortion clinic regulations to protect the patients’ health and safety.

Similar to the previously leaked documents, these new reports exposed a lack of proper sanitation at abortion facilities in Texas. In one of the newly released inspection reports, government inspectors indicated that a worker rolled an unclean cart – used to move the “product of conception,” or unborn baby’s body — from the abortion room into a sterilized supply room, according to The Alice Paul Group. The reports also revealed that a clinic worker handled an aborted baby with unwashed hands.

Abby Johnson commented on these discoveries: “These reports clearly show the risks women face when abortion clinics aren’t held to the same standards as ambulatory centers. To think that in some states tanning and nail salons are held to higher health standards than facilities performing medical procedures is mind boggling.”

Johnson continued: “What the Supreme Court and abortion proponents are basically saying is that they don’t care about women’s health. To them, it’s ok to exploit women in such a fashion. This is the opposite of anything that is pro-woman. It’s not enough that women are exploited through abortion that we now exploit them by putting them at risk? We’ve been releasing inspection report after inspection report with damning evidence that shows how Texas abortion clinics have failed to pass their inspections. What more do we need? How many more lives are we going to put at risk? Women deserve better than subpar treatment. They deserve better than to be exploited by abortion clinics.”

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Earlier in July, Johnson released more inspection reports showing that abortion clinics put women at risk by using untrained staff and improperly sterilized equipment. Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood clinic director, said she is going to release a total of 12 documents over the next few weeks to show the White House that safety regulations are necessary in Texas abortion facilities.

These documents are being released in response to the recent Supreme Court ruling Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, which struck down the Texas law requiring that abortion facilities meet the same standards that ambulatory surgical centers do. The pro-life Texas law protected women’s health, saved the lives of thousands of unborn children and closed abortion clinics that could not ensure adequate health and safety protections for women.

These documents reveal the importance of basic safety regulations in abortion facilities. In her #NotOver campaign, Abby Johnson is petitioning the White House to support abortion clinic regulations. The petition must receive 100,000 signatures for the White House to respond. To help petition for safety regulations in Texas abortion clinics, sign the petition.