Canadian Pharmacists Want to Start Selling Dangerous Abortion Pill to Kill Unborn Babies

International   |   Emily Derois   |   Jul 15, 2016   |   5:36PM   |   Ottawa, Canada

On July 1, Health Canada agreed to allow doctors to prescribe the abortion pill – commonly referred to as RU-486 – to expectant mothers. Now the Prince Edward Island College of Pharmacists is criticizing the rules associated with the abortion drug’s approval for prescriptions, according to CBC News.

For physicians prescribing the abortion drug Mifegymiso, the government health group put a few precautionary regulations in place. Currently, the rules mandate that the doctor completes an online training course about the drug before being able to prescribe it, CBC reports. In addition, the doctor must give the drug directly to the patient, rather than just referring her to a pharmacy. According to some pharmacists, these rules only succeed in making the drug less accessible.

Michelle Wyand, registrar with the PEI College of Pharmacists, argued that it should be legal for pharmacists to dispense the abortion drug.

“Pharmacists have been dispensing medications for many years, and are really probably the best-suited as far as infrastructure to be able to dispense medications … and have many standards of practice in place around dispensing medications.”

These safety precautions may be removed in the near future, allowing pharmacists to dispense the deadly abortion pill. Federal Health Minister Jane Philpott stated that the rules surrounding RU-486 are subject to change.

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“They can always be adjusted along the way with appropriate evidence and reassurance that the system is functioning appropriately,” Philpott said. “We have to balance accessibility with making sure patients are safe, and these medications that do have some concerns to make sure they are taken safely, and that no unnecessary harm will be done.”

Although abortion advocates argue that the Canadian rules regarding RU-486 are restrictive, they are in place to protect the patient. The abortion drug is responsible for the deaths of dozens of women worldwide, including several in the United States alone, and it has injured at least 1,100 women in the United States alone, according to of 2006 figures from the Food and Drug Administration.

LifeNews recently reported that Planned Parenthood’s misuse of the abortion pill also has been linked to the deaths of several patients. Endangering the life of the patient isn’t progress for reproductive health, it’s carelessness.