Abortion Biz CEO Complains About the “Stigma” Associated With Killing Babies in Abortions

International   |   Ken Orr   |   Jul 13, 2016   |   3:45PM   |   Wellington, New Zealand

The CEO of Family Planning, Jacki Edmond, recently claimed in an opinion article in the Dompost that; “today in New Zealand, there is unwarranted stigma and legal barriers surrounding a procedure accessed by about one out of four women.”

This is an appalling statement. It is time for our community to stand up and oppose the culture of death that this anti-life organisation is promoting.

What is the stigma that Family Planning is desperately trying to eliminate? The stigma includes the guilt, shame, grief and regret that is associated with the violent killing of the innocent and defenceless unborn child. Family Planning rightly recognises this stigma as a serious impediment to having the murder of the unborn, accepted as a normal part of our health services. Family Planning denies the humanity of the unborn and the sanctity of life of every human being from the moment of conception.

Jacki Edmund is concerned that there are still those who have qualms about the killing of unborn children. She believes that there is unwarranted stigma associated with the killing of unborn children and that such stigma which discourages women from such killing has no place in today’s society.

Right to Life believes that her attitude is callous and evil  Every women’s conscience tells her that the killing of her unborn child is wrong and that encouraging women to believe otherwise is the cause of much future grief and heartache for many New Zealand women. That Family Planning is endeavouring to seduce women into believing that there is no such stigma is a mark of the degree to which we as a society, now call good evil and evil good.

The experience of all the above powerful emotions, is the normal human reaction to the shedding of innocent blood. They flow from an informed conscience, which tells us that it is always wrong to kill the innocent. Our Creator has bestowed on every human being the commandment, thou shalt not kill. We ignore this commandment at our peril. Family Planning rejects this commandment and seeks to replace this commandment with a new one, “ thou shalt not deny the right to choose.”

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Once the passing of the Contraception Sterilisation and Abortion Act 1977, there have been more than 500,000 children killed before birth. Family Planning is the major abortion referral agency in New Zealand.  It is likely that Family Planning doctors authorised and therefore have been responsible for the deaths of more than 100,000 of these children. These same doctors would have informed the mothers of these children that there was no stigma associated with abortion using terms such as ‘removing the pregnancy from their uterus”.  These lies have been responsible for a silent holocaust which Family Planning continues to deny.

Our community should recognise that Family Planning poses an extremely dangerous threat to the unborn children in this country and to their mothers and families.  Right to Life continues to ask  the government why it continues to fund such a destructive organisation and  promote a culture of death?

LifeNews.com Note: Ken Orr is the spokesman for Right to Life of New Zealand.