Abortion Activist: Unlike Gun Violence, “Actual Real People” Don’t Die in Abortions

Opinion   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jul 13, 2016   |   3:07PM   |   Washington, DC

Pro-abortion blogger Amanda Marcotte has never been one to let an opportunity to bash pro-lifers go to waste.

Marcotte wrote a new column for Salon this week accusing pro-lifers of being “cruel” and “hijacking” the #BlackLivesMatter movement to raise awareness about the unborn victims of abortion.

She writes:

Last week, the news was dominated by the specter of racism and violence, after the well-publicized deaths of two black men at the hands of police followed by a horrific shooting of police officers providing security for a Black Lives Matter protest. Most of the discussion was centered around issues like how to reduce violence and build trust, what role racism plays in the violence, and how to balance human rights with the need for security.

But for one subset of conservatives, all that mattered less than their real concern: Women keep having sex without having babies. And so, furious that all this talk about race and violence and justice might distract from the supposed national tragedy of baby-free screwing, anti-choicers online redoubled efforts to hijack the Black Lives Matter conversation and turn it towards their obsession with abortion.

Here are two of Marcotte’s examples of just how “cruel” and “bigoted” pro-lifers were in response to the tragic shootings in Dallas:

Marcotte finds these responses so hateful because she does not believe that unborn babies are human beings. Their abortion deaths are not tragic or even noteworthy to her because they aren’t “actual people.”

“Equating the loss of actual people to gun violence with abortion serves to make mockery of the deaths of real people, as if they had no value greater than that of an embryo,” she writes.

The problem is that Marcotte is guilty of the very thing that she blames pro-lifers of doing – diminishing the tragic loss of innocent life. She blames pro-lifers for being cruel and heartless toward the victims of the Dallas shooting, but she fails to realize how cold she and her fellow abortion activists are toward the victims of abortion.

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What Marcotte doesn’t understand is that both lives matter to pro-lifers: born and unborn. Neither the age of the victim nor the tool used to end their life makes the victim any more or less valuable. What matters is that they are both human beings, and human beings deserve a right to life. Pro-lifers focus on ending abortion because an astronomical 1.1 million unborn babies are killed in abortions every single year in America.

Both scientifically and philosophically, pro-lifers have strong, solid arguments as to why unborn human beings should be given the same right to life as born human beings. It has been many years since scientific evidence showed that a unique new human life begins at the moment of conception. Medical research has found that an unborn baby’s heart begins beating just 18 days after conception.

It is difficult for anyone to deny the strong scientific evidence that unborn babies are human beings, and Marcotte does not even try. Instead she resorts to name calling and baseless claims.

“The anti-choice movement has a long, ugly history of weaponizing abortion to minimize the problem of racism or even, in many cases, to perpetuate ugly racist stereotypes. Under the guise of ‘concern’ that black ‘babies’ are being aborted, anti-choicers have dumped a ton of propaganda painting black women as foolish and irresponsible, as women who are incapable of being loving, nurturing mothers,” Marcotte writes.

“And now the racism of the movement is exploding once again, as anti-choicers repeatedly argue that abortion is as bad or worse than killing actual black people,” she continues.

It’s true that no human being’s death should be mocked or made light of – whether taken by gun violence or abortion. The deaths in Dallas were horrific, tragic, and many pro-life groups and individuals recognized that on Twitter and in other outlets, as Marcotte’s own citations show.

Pro-lifers do not want to diminish the horrific events that unfolded in Dallas or anywhere else, but they also want the United States to recognize that even more innocent human beings are losing their lives every day in a legal procedure – abortion.