Woman Says Aborting Her Baby “Made Me a Better Person”

Opinion   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jul 8, 2016   |   3:52PM   |   Washington, DC

Yet another post-abortive woman has come forward to tell her story, calling it “heartbreaking” while trying to justify that it was “the best decision” she could have made.

The woman’s story appeared recently on the blog TheMamaBear. At one time, she said she identified as pro-life and wondered how women could go through with abortions. But two years ago, while struggling with mental illness and thoughts of suicide, she decided to abort her fourth child.

Now, she calls herself “pro-choice.” At one point she admitted that her unborn child was a “baby” and gave him or her the name Robin, but later she said a woman should have the right to choose what to do with “her body.”

She wrote:

Having an abortion has made me a better person.

Since having my abortion I’ve become far more compassionate about other women who go through the same, there are countless reasons women choose to have an abortion and never should she feel the need to justify her decision to others, it is none of their business. All others need to know is that she has made the best decision for herself and any family she may have and how you feel about it simply doesn’t matter.

I’m a better mother to my 3 children, I’m mentally pretty well these days and had I gone through with a 4th pregnancy, I’d be dead. I would not have survived another pregnancy, my 3rd nearly drove me to suicide. I wouldn’t be here to be the best mum I can be if I had gone through with that pregnancy.



For me, having an abortion was the right thing but that doesn’t mean it was an easy one. I had to come to terms with the events, I had to grieve the baby I wouldn’t have, yes even though we choose to end a pregnancy it still means we are allowed to feel a sense of loss.

I’ve come to terms with my abortion now despite it being the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make. I still think about my Robin every day and know that I made the best decision for this baby.

Her story is just another example of a new pro-abortion campaign to attempt to normalize abortion. Abortion advocates want women to think abortion is nothing more than a typical medical procedure. But, as often happens, the real-life stories that accompany these campaigns cannot fully hide the reality of abortion

Through the cracks of the TheMamaBear blogger’s story, she revealed how her abortion was not as good as she is trying to convince herself that it is. She mentioned pain and heartbreak that she felt while making the “difficult decision” to have an abortion.

But abortion advocates never take it to the next step and explain why an abortion is such a difficult decision, because it would force them to acknowledge the unborn child. From the moment of conception, the unborn child is a separate, living, growing entity from his or her mother. The child in the womb is not just an appendage of the woman’s body; he or she is a living human being with his or her own unique DNA.

Pro-lifers work hard to end abortion, but not because they want to judge or condemn people, as the blogger claims. Pro-lifers do not want women to deal with the physical and emotional consequences of abortion. They do not want unborn babies to be killed. And it’s because pro-lifers truly believe that there is a better option for the unborn child and the mother than pain and death.