“People who hold pro-life views have been told to leave,” Day said. “We talk about diversity and inclusion, but where is that diversity and inclusion for pro-life members?”

Day said that the party’s 1996 platform included language that called for “respect” for those with differing views on abortion, but that language is absent today. She called the party’s new abortion platform “horrible” and said it will alienate voters who agree with the party on other issues, such as paid maternity leave, Medicaid expansion and a higher minimum wage.

Day noted that the party’s new abortion platform calls for the repeal of the Hyde Amendment — a move that would permit taxpayer funding for abortion procedures — and calls for support for Planned Parenthood by name. “What other corporation do we do that for?” Day asked.

She argued that winning over pro-life voters is essential if the party hopes to gain majorities in state legislatures and in Congress, but national party leaders continue to favor pro-abortion candidates at their own detriment.

“I don’t think they’re really thinking this through,” Day said, noting that, since 2008, Democrats have lost more than 1,000 state and national races — losses she said can be traced to the Democratic Party’s “hostility” towards pro-life candidates and voters.